man who fixes computers...and by fixes computers, i actually mean have sex with "clients"
*telephone rings*
client: i need a good fixin if you know what i mean ;)
jon: all be right over, i need to pick up some rubbers
client: see you in 5
by the 4th floor January 29, 2008
A confusing, self centered dip shit. Who I've liked for a long time, and I can't get him out of my mind. I hate you, but I love you!
Jon, you are amazing and I hate you for it.
by Person who will remain secret November 20, 2010
To fail despite certain success, usually with respect to seducing the opposite sex.
"I was going to totally get with this girl blud, but then i totes Jon'd it!"
"Mate that girl is so in to you, don't Jon it up"
Mark was going to have "enthusiastic cuddleling" with Sarah until he called her Cindy and Jon'd it up.
by MaxPowerPhysicist October 22, 2012
A Jon is a really bad dude. He often slaps skeezers with his massive chode, while also caring for his friends and family. He has a tendency to summon mythical greek gods to aid him against haters. A Jon also pisses excellence, so much that he has created a massive flood or two. Some may blindly state that god created these floods to test Noah's Ark. One look at a real Jon could make a blind man see, a crippled child run, or a woman with a gag reflex deepthroat.
Man #1: "Hey bro, who's over there bashin out all those skeezies?"

Man #2: "That must be a Jon. You can tell by the way he's also texting his mom, telling her that he misses the family."
by tumtum12 January 27, 2011
(used mostly in massachusetts) the squad's word for alcohol, alcoholic drinks (jons), drinking (jonning), or to be drunk.
the party was crazy last night, i was so jon!
by squad member June 07, 2006
Jon is a gift - a wonderful gift that keeps on giving!
This gift called Jon means never having to say soz!
by silverdarling February 07, 2010
A king size joint roll to be enjoyed during a long session as a personal or in a party.
Yo, I'm bout to roll a jon in dis bitch.
its been a minute since i blazed a jon son.
by BlazeJonson November 27, 2011

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