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A town in kent often known as trashford famous for being the birthplace of simply amazing people and some pikeys (see stanhope)
Person A: God I had sucha good time yesterday my arm's actually exploded

Person B: obviously you went to ashford
by ask ur nan November 21, 2009
Also known as Gashford, a little town between Feltham and Staines in London. Populated with Pikeys and Old folk.
Famous for Burger Junction, Big Tescos and Subway.
"Im guna go chill in Gashford for a burger, gash and maybe a fight"
by K Tolls Bruvv March 16, 2009
An old royal English name, the carrier or holder of wisdom.
Dude, do you know what i should do about this? I don't know do I look like Ashford?
by ProfYuri October 05, 2010
Small town in Northeastern Connecticut with one regular traffic light, about 15 minutes from Uconn. There are three types of people that live in Ashford: Those who live next to a lake, farmers, or squirrel eaters.
Guy one: "Where is everyone?"

Guy two: "Yea, the only person I've seen in this town was that guy eating a squirrel."

Guy Three: "We must be in Ashford."
by bigdog21 February 05, 2011
A small town in southeastern Alabama. Not known for anything, which is good, if it were to be known for something, that would be sad.....
"Lets go to Ashford"
"Where the hell is that?"
by Louie6889 August 22, 2008
Located on the outskirt of London is questionably the best town in the whole of the uk. Home to a legend (S.J.Chapple). The town attracts tourist from all continents and is frequently visited by screaming girls demanding autographs, photographs and dates. Full of chavs.
Let's go to Ashford to visit S.J.Chapple
by lonely-hearts April 26, 2011
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