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A boy that is quite ninja, also is capable of having lots of charm and monster energy drinks. He is pretty sweet, though he's is too lazy to answer your phone calls. Overall he's quite spectacular.
"Ananta is pretty cute isn't he?"
"He also has a black belt."
by doyouhaveanolderbrother December 28, 2008
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is a Sanskrit word meaning "infinity", "without end". It may refer to Vishnu (The preserver God in Hindu's trinity) or

Ananta Shesha, a serpent on which Vishnu lies.

Ananta generally is referred to the Adishesha - the great serpent on which Vishnu rests after creating a new Universe. "Lord Vishnu's Couch" Ananta is strong enough to support the creator of the Universe and soft enough to be God's couch. So one of the main principals of Yoga - Sthira and Sukha (ease and effort) is represented by Ananta (Adishesha)
Patanjali is a reincarnation of Ananta Shesha.
by AnantaYoga February 04, 2010
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