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When a group of young people who consider themselves family come together in a motor vehicle to recollect their glorious day together. The radio and all other distractions must be turned off and stowed away during family time.
Turn off that 'Gucci Mane.' It's family time, you fucking son of a bitch. Good Lord! If you make the fucking cat noise again, family time will be ruined for everyone.
by The Original Family August 17, 2009
Time better spent without your family.
Shit nigga, I gots ta go spend muffuckin family time.
by CaptainCanti January 07, 2013
Another word for a Ménage à trois, but unlike Sussudio, Family Time is a threesome between two men and a woman.
Call nutsack and get her to set up some family time!
by SeanHiryu September 11, 2009