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1. A family of elegant deciduous trees known for their scented wood and resistance to weather.

Cedar is mentioned in The Iliad, referring to the cedar-roofed or lined storage chamber where Priam goes to fetch treasures to be used as ransom.

2. A fine, handsome lad.
That boy stands strong and tall, like a cedar.
by wwodin February 16, 2010
1) To flirt with your friend's girlfriend
2) To steal (or try to steal) your friend's girlfriend
3) To cock-block
He's always cedaring when he talks to your girlfriend.
by moyert February 17, 2011
1. the most coolest town in BC
2. a town most of times look down on by the upper class nanaimo people, who consider it full of rednecks or stonners!!
3. also known as cheddar by its loser neighbor town ladysmith!
what a loser you go to cedar secondary!

oh man those girls at cedar are finne!!
by bob January 04, 2008
1. The name of a Tree .
2. Mentioned in various place names across the Commonwealth.
3 . A vulgar term for a Vagina.
" Come on get him to use protection , you don't want an infected Cedar !"

" Oh gosh you've done a Cedar you silly girl !"( Modern slang for Teenage Pregnancy .)
"Eww you dirty girl that Cedar needs a shave !"

4. The unfortunate breeding ground of ; STDs , Teenage Pregnancy , Drug abuse , Jeremy Kyle participants , the unemployable and Lunancy !

5. A modern day dictatorship.
" Yes we have Money , but lets not be fair , fuck over every Minion possible ." We are the power crazy."
Person 1 :"Omg that place was a Cedar ! "
Person 2 : " It might be but the good days are well and truely gone ." " Shit has got out of hand ."
Person 1. "Damn !"
Person 2. " At least you can say , I told you so ."
by ThatChild! September 01, 2014
The male's or female's private area. Genitalia.
"My cedar itches."

"Make sure to wipe your cedar, Lauren!"

"OW! Why did you kick me in my cedar?"
by cpirch April 23, 2010
A resident of the Cedar Home in California, a home where the mentally impaired live with assistance.
In popular slang, someone who has limited intellecutal ability (re: a retard)
Can you believe that cedar just fell through a glass table?
by Cedarlover April 20, 2011
A specific type of company specialises in acquiring other companies, and not giving their staff pay rises.

Staff are evaluated 'individually'. This means that if the employee performs well, the performance of the group is taken in to account..

Thus the individuals' group has failed - and no pay rise.

But there is fat chance that they will tell you any of this, unless you rake it out of the bastards. Individually.

Being a large company, Cedar have a large supply of smoke and mirrors.
Oh fuck. I woke up this morning and realised I work(?) for Cedar.

You can't have a pay rise because we made a really large profit..
by happy@work July 12, 2004
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