Next stop on the Bush/Cheney war bus.
Want to see the future? Take any speech about foreign policy Bush made in late 2002/early 2003 and replace "Iraq" with "Iran".
by Squid Wrangler May 12, 2005
A beautiful country in the Middle-East and is not nothing like Iraq, though a lot of people think it is a desert.
Not a good place to drink beer or get laid by hott bitches, but definitely a nice place to own a salon and cut peoples unibrows off.
People from Iran are often called towelheads, but they are not arab.
The Iranian boy was called a towelhead and told that he should go back to Iraq. He replied to this racist comment by saying "Shut up you stupid piece of poop, before I attack you with my super unibrow!
by Manee November 02, 2005
An Iran is a person, place or thing that exhibits *slightly* more defensive capabilities making it a *slightly* less prefered target for predatory forces to sublimate over.

Homogenous to a North Korea.
The bully chose to beat up the Iraq because the Iran wasn't wearing glasses.
by estupido April 13, 2005
Iran:A breeding ground for terrorists who prefer to blow themselves up than live a good life. They want a one Arab Union ruled by themselves. They would prefer to wipe Israel off the place of the planet. But USA will never let that happen.
Achminijehead is a crazy nuke wanting Iranian dictator. Don't trust him as far as you can pronounce his name.
by Truth and Justice September 20, 2006
The country America invades after Iraq.
We're coming for you.
by sdf January 27, 2005
A country in the middle east, though not considered arab. They are ruled by an islamic government of dickless people, and most iranians have unibrows and a really small desert army. They use outdated Chinese rifles and have the highest kidnapping and rape stats in the world.

Most irani's are muslims, and all have pet camels and magic carpets. The leading religion was gay and they got slaughtered so they ran away to india. The irani community also likes to wear veils and hump camels in their spare time. Many people die in the desert and all iranis have hairy legs (including women) THey also have HUGE noses and stretchy pussy that smells. Of the few iranian women who look good, they all used to have penises.

Most non-muslim irani's get their children raped by dickless muslims and their buisnesses shut down.

Iran is a smelly desert with an army of camel archers
Dude! Look at that irani with the toucan sam nose!!
I know thats hilarious i bet his sister has a smelly pussy and a long face!
by Perri2 January 14, 2006
Country on the east side of the Arabian gulf. Iran is ethnically diverse with Persians, Azeris, Kurds and Lurs living there.

Iran used to be a monarcy run by the Shar, but he was corrupt, and liked to use his police a bit too much, many people were dirt poor also. The west backed the Shar but during 1978-1979 the Islamic Revolution occured, and Iran's religious elite (the clerics) siezed power.

Iran today is a kind of semi-democracy, and so is ironically much more legitimate than most of the US 'allies' in the region. However the ruling religious elite are a hot minded bunch who see themselves in the van of a gradiose world-historical movement in which their interpretation of Islam will triumph over their enemies (and incidently give them alot of power).

The Iranians grand ambitions are now manifest in their quest to develop nuclear weapons. They also like to sound off about Israel, the Holocaust, interpretations of Western history, The Crusades, anything which will give them some attention basically.

If the Iranians get close to full enrichment Israel will strike with or without US backing, this will throw the region into chaos. If the US strike the same thing will happan. If the US invades it will be insane and the end of superpower status, but the alternative?
In Iran, women have to wear the Hejab but some are no doubt real hot underneath.
by JRy May 09, 2006

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