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verb: west coast slang. to stop at no lengths to get sexual with a chick.
shit, it took a fifth of tequila and 3 o'clock in the morning to get her in bed! and i barely even grovelled her tits before she passed-out. to grovel
by sandspit September 11, 2007
120 30
Something that is done at the feet of a gorgeous female;
Act of being submissive to an Alpha Female
Wow, she is so hot... I would totally grovel at her feet.
by pwrlftr12000 August 01, 2006
47 36
A surfing term. When there is not a wave in sight you may still decide to take your surf board out for a "grovel".
Hamish: Have you seen, Mal's out grovelling and its like a fucking lake.
Gav: Yeah he's king of the grov!

Mal: Mick, you coming for a grov?
Mick: You gotta be fucking kidding!!
by Maldore January 07, 2009
22 16