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1. A native or inhabitant of Saudi Arabia
2. Of or relating to Saudi Arabia or its people
The Saudi Arabian desert.
by Bryan_T June 21, 2009
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The ballinist pple on this planet. They ride around in lambourginis and ferrari's....beemers and mercedes are regular cars to them. They travel everywhere and get ANYTHING. They have the most experiences in life.
"Yo that saudi guys got the pimpest ride....he spends mad money"
by Heat Bag March 02, 2005
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An often backwards, ignorant and selectively hyprocritical individual who subscribes to Saudi Arabia's idiotic interpretation of the Quran (Wahhabiism). Characterized by having no intellectual curiosity, although they could readily memorize whole passages of the Quran. In their minds, if something didn’t come from a sheik or an imam or a mullah, it has no validity. This willful ignorance is a most disturbing trait of these arrogant camel jockeys who can't even pump their own crude oil out of the sand without hiring Western Engineers whom they have the unmitigated gall to label as "ignorant heretics".
Man 1: "Hey there, mate... Why's that dodgy bloke harassing those women in skirts?"
Man 2: "Oh, he's probably some Saudi telling them they should be covered from head to toe so as not to offend Allah."
Man 1: "Allah doesn't give a toss about short skirts. Are all Saudis such fuqqin wankers?"
by WestMidlandsBloke May 10, 2007
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Similar to salty, it means to be extremely angry or upset about something.
John: "Oh dammit, I failed my math test."
Andy: "OOOOHHHHHHH.....Saaauuudddiii!"

I'm saudi because I didn't get accepted to Harvard.
by The Quiet Observer November 18, 2006
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how dumb people say "salty"
person 1: damn girl you saudi!!!!!!
person 2: it's salty....
person 3: SALTY!!!!!!!!!
by smartgirl111 June 16, 2011
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Let me get my saudi and you can kiss your ass goodbye.
by Vilijnoble May 05, 2016
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