by Myoga November 01, 2003
The name of a popular anime/manga character staring in a show of the same name. InuYasha, broken down, roughly translates to dog demon.

'inu', meaning dog, and 'Yasha' being a slang/broken term of 'youkai' which means demon or other worldly (non human) creature. Often 'Yasha' is refered to mean half demon.

InuYasha is a half demon. His demon blood comes from his fathers side and his human blood comes from his mothers.
InuYasha is an excellent anime show!

InuYasha is very cute.

Did you know that InuYasha is only a half demon?
by TigerZahn March 14, 2005
Inu Yasha (also known as Inuyasha, Inu-Yasha, and in Japan as Inu Yasya) is a very good manga series and anime series created by Rumiko Takahashi (Ranma 1/2, Mermaid Forest, famous for her love triangles). It is only very good, however, if you do not buy the Hong Kong bootlegs (very bad subtitles), buy VIZ's americanized dubs (includes the ones on Cartoon Network), or download certain fansubs. What to do? Learn Japanese.
Inu Yasha is kawaii!
Inu Yasha kicks youkai butt!
Everything is so much better in Japan, even the girls and Inu Yasha. Just don't try the cheese.
by Alex Trujillo May 04, 2004
1. a japanese word meaning dog Demon
2. A very awesome anime on adult swim. About a Dog Demon, Inuyasha, Trying to collect peices of a shattered powerful jewel, and revenge his loves death. He meets a girl from modern japan and they look together... and fall in love pretty much. Many seasons and 3 movies. I highly recomend it.
Inuyasha is totally cute, and is good in yaoi fanfics Inuyasha x Sesshoumaru pairing!!
by Sarah E. Inu Obsessy March 13, 2004
Anime show on Cartoon network. Made by the same person as Ranma 1/2, Constantly said to be the best show by otakus.
OMG Inuyasha is so awsome!!!!! Sesshomaru is liek super sexy!!!! im gonna draw Naraku and Sesshomaru fucking because it's so Kawaii!!!!!!!!
by Legato Grey December 22, 2004
Inu - Japanese for dag.
Yasha - Japanese for deamon.
You guessed it, dog deamon
A kick ass show on cartton network.
Monday threw Thurseday Cartton Network at 11 CST
by Whito October 16, 2003
A Japanese anime that is now showing on Adult Swim. It's about a girl nae Kagome, that travels back to the past era and meets up with a demon dog boy name Inuyasha.
InuyYasha is the best damn anime ever! Period.
by nnguyen11490 October 12, 2003

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