I think there should be a video game of inuyasha where your a half demon child and you go through all kinds of madness and then you start to get old the more you kill people you get XP and SKILL so that you get stronger (of cours) and also get older but im not talking about getting to be an adult in just 24 hours playing straight causs that would be stupid and you finally get to be a Full Demon after you get older and its all about what path you go on like in fable good or evil becuase no game says come play me if your evil or good hehe
Inuyasha F-ING ROCKS MAN i really hope they dont cut it sieriously i hope they dont causs i love that show man and in movie one and two i cant beleive the end was sorta the same that ticked me off
by Drew O'Halloran January 17, 2005
The best show EVER!! watch it or feel my wrath!!!!!!!!! oh....and shippo is really cute too!
::lights campfire:: ::hums an inuyasha theme song:: ::campfire lights everything around on fire:: AHHHHHHHHHH! ::looks at watch:: eep!! inuyasha is comming on!! ::leaves:: ::fire distroys the entire planet:: noooooooooooo!!...inuyasha wasn't over!!! ::crys::
by Holly February 25, 2005
One of the best animes out there, made by one of the best mangakas out there, Rumiko Takahashi.

The plot mainly focuses around a group of friends traveling around the Feudal Era of Japan (Sengoku Jidai), trying to defeat one common enemy and collect the shards of the shattered Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four Souls).

It is Takahashi's longest-running series, with fifty-seven volumes of manga and five-hundred and fifty-eight chapters, and one-hundred and sisty-seven TV episodes. With the manga's end, the anime series is set to start up again in October of 2009.
Hey, did you hear? The InuYasha anime is starting up again.
by KariChan August 20, 2009
Inuyasha is a manga/anime about a half demon who loves a 15-year-old even tho he's like 100-years-old and is a total dick face.
Inuyasha, He sure is a two-timer.
by Dude_40Asswhole January 14, 2009
the hottest anime guy alive!
if i could i would marry him
i wish i was his drum so he could bang me all day long (:
also the best anime ever that if anyone tried to talk to me while it was on, theyd be attacked
"Look! It's InuYasha *drools*"
"Don't talk to me while InuYasha's on because you will be chased after with some fishing wire and a butter knife, killed, and THROWN INTO THE FIERY ABYSS!!!"
by CamilleBrianneCullen December 28, 2008
{A}the second best thing to obsess about in your free time
{B} the Japanese conjunction for dog spirit of the forest
{C} a uber cool feudal era half demon who teams up with a human girl from present day tokyo, a lecherous monk, a hot ninja-assassin demon hunter chick, and an annoying skwirl thing. they look for the shards of the sacred shikon no tama `jewel of four souls` for their own odd resons, this big bad demon named naraku wants them too but he pales in comparison to inuyashas gang
rumiko takahashi made the anime Inu yasha
by Shadow of the nameless demon June 25, 2006
Only Anime in the world with more filler than Dragon Ball Z.
If I wanted to watch a hundred episodes of filler I'd watch InuYasha.
by SerraxAvenger March 28, 2015

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