An anime or manga that ranked high on Adult Swim.
A modern girl travels back in time to meet a half demon who is seeking power to become a full demon.
Themes: Romance, Drama, Mystery, Horror, Comedy, Historic.
Me: That episode was great. I'm really a fan of Inuyasha. The number one, actually.

Someone else: Inuyasha? Isn't that an anime?
by Kgirl June 26, 2005
A show that was made in Japan, that KICKS ASS, and has a little Romance in it too. :D
Inuyasha: Richard Cox
Kagome: Moneca Stori
Kikyo: Willow Johnson
Miroku: Kirby Morrow
Sango: Kelly Sheridan
Shippo: Jillian Micheals
Naraku: Paul Dobson
Kagura: Ougami Izumi
Onigumo: Vaio Benson
Sesshomaru: David Kaye
Sota: Saffron Henderson
Kagome's Mom: Cathy Weseluck
by brrrrr April 27, 2004
The best show ever. Yeah, I've seen all those other shows that people say are better, and I've understood all of them, too (for the most part), but I still think Inuyasha is better. So suck it, bitches!!!!
Inuyasha is the best show ever and nothing you can ever say can convince me otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Inuyasharocks October 27, 2004
A puppy-eared thingy who is in love with Kagome and is the cutest thing I've ever seen(sorry Cloud)

Pd:It was me
He's cute and his brother is too!!!!!!!
by Iseria's Final Aeon March 02, 2005
The single greatest anime of all time.
InuYasha pwns Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, all the Gundum series, and Sailor Moon.
by InuYashafan24 November 11, 2003
1. Inuyasha is a show, concerning a girl from modern times, going back five hundred years to help her friends defeat an evil demon, Naraku. Kagonme is falling in love with a half-demon, but encourages herself against it sometimes. The half dog demon is Inuyasha. Together, they tracel with Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Sango's two-tail cat friend, Kirara. This show is definetly worth a look, if not an obsession.
2.The very handsome half dog demon from the show "Inuyasha".
((Inuyasha + Kouga are mine!!!!))
by Teh Anninimouse. September 29, 2005
I think there should be a video game of inuyasha where your a half demon child and you go through all kinds of madness and then you start to get old the more you kill people you get XP and SKILL so that you get stronger (of cours) and also get older but im not talking about getting to be an adult in just 24 hours playing straight causs that would be stupid and you finally get to be a Full Demon after you get older and its all about what path you go on like in fable good or evil becuase no game says come play me if your evil or good hehe
Inuyasha F-ING ROCKS MAN i really hope they dont cut it sieriously i hope they dont causs i love that show man and in movie one and two i cant beleive the end was sorta the same that ticked me off
by Drew O'Halloran January 17, 2005
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