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The best show ever. Yeah, I've seen all those other shows that people say are better, and I've understood all of them, too (for the most part), but I still think Inuyasha is better. So suck it, bitches!!!!
Inuyasha is the best show ever and nothing you can ever say can convince me otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Inuyasharocks October 27, 2004
The most intelligent anime fans with the best taste in anime. We love this show Inuyasha, and true Inuyasha fans don't watch the crappy dubbed version on AS (as some idiots seem to think). The dubbed butchered the show completely. We only watch the subbed version, and I bet most of these haters have never even seen the Shichinintai arc. Anyway, Inuyasha is the best anime ever.
I am an Inuyasha fan, therefore I have good taste.
by Inuyasharocks February 28, 2005
It's my opinion all right, and it's not any more or less valid than anyone else's opinion. If you think it isn't, then you're a Fascist Nazi asshole!
Geekoman is a Fascist Nazi Asshole
by inuyasharocks March 01, 2005
I've seen plenty of anime, off Adult Swim and on, and I can clearly say that Inuyasha is better than FMA. So STFU.
You are an idiot, geekomatic
by inuyasharocks February 16, 2005
Another word for idiots.
Inuyasha hater: OMG Inuyasha sucks ass its gay and stupid and all of you bitches suck and its dumb!!!!!!!

Sane person: Shut the fuck up, moron.
by Inuyasharocks November 21, 2004
I can too spell Inuyasha, and for your information, full metal alchemist is one of the worst animes I have ever seen. Inuyasha is superior in every way.
Fullmetal Assholes like this guy are blinded by their love for Fullmetal Alchemist and can't realize what show is really better. I pity them.
by inuyasharocks February 16, 2005
A horribly stupid show with no plot and lame characters that pales in comparison to the greatness that is Inuyasha.
Inuyasha is the best anime ever and full metal alchemist (it doesn't deserve caps) sucks major ass.
by Inuyasharocks January 15, 2005

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