An anime named after it's main character that takes place in the Feudal Era in Japan. The half dog demon, Inuyasha, sets on a mission to recover the shards of the powerful Shikon Jewel with his loyal comrades Kagome (a 15-yr-old priestess from the present), Shippo (a fox demon child), Miroku (a perverted monk), Sango (a demonslayer), and Kilala (Sango's trustworthy cat demon). Their mission is to find all the shards of the jewel before the demon Naraku (the main bad guy) or any other demon does, for the jewel has the power to fulfill any wish if completed.
This anime is full of action-packed fights, unexpected twists, interesting original characters, hilarious scenes, and a taste of the occasional romance.
Inuyasha is a "must see" for all anime lovers. I strongly recommend it to all who haven't seen it. And to all who have, if you enjoyed what you saw, I love you X3....if not, then I feel sorry for you and that brain-damaged head of yours. ^^
by Aitenshi March 23, 2005
Inuyasha is the best show in the whole damn universe. I absolutly hate people who just come to these sites and define Inuyasha, just so that they can make their pathetic attempts to turn Inuyasha lovers into haters. I believe that as soon as your eyes even see 1 second of Inuyasha, you will be instantly turned into a fan and will never go back to those lame shows (although Yu Yu Hakusho is a pretty damn good show as well) I also believe that their should be a week just dedicated to Inuyasha. They should call it "Inuyasha Week: Revenge for the fangirls and guys!" but thats just my opinion.
Overall, Inuyasha is the best anime out there and should be rejoiced around the world (which it is!) All Inuyasha haters are evil and should go to... well you know what I mean! ;)
by Priestess_Kikyou November 26, 2004
The single best anime show on the planet. It's on adult swim (cartoon network) at 12:00 eastern. The main character is a half demon half human guy named Inuyasha.
Boy do I love Inuyasha
by Louis C. February 14, 2004
1. (noun) An anime and manga made by Rumiko Takahashi (who is also the creator of titles such as Ranma 1/2). The plot of the anime/manga is for the characters to gather the shards of the Shikon jewel to make it whole again, and be able to grant a wish and/or give ultimate power to the demon that possess it.

2. A character in the anime/manga. He has been sealed to a tree for 50 years by Kikyou. He was freed by Kagome. After she breaks the Shikon Jewel, he and other characters search widely for them before Naraku does. Inuyasha is stubborn, strong and caring. He developes a romance with Kagome. (His previous lover was Kikyou.)
Inuyasha was a good anime/manga.

Inuyasha can be quite impulsive.
by Sango March 04, 2005
A great anime on adult swim that takes place in feudal era japan. It centers around a modern japanese school girl named Kagome a half demon named Inuyasha a lecherous monk Miroku a young fox demon named Shippo and a demon slayer named Sango . This show has a few flaws but it's great overall. It does however receive A LOT of crap for its length
My opinion it's a damn good show and to all you haters get a LIFE.
Kagome: sit boy
(Inuyasha crashes to the ground)

by Hello You May 31, 2008
A manga drawn and written by the manga *princess*, Rumiko Takahashi about a normal Tokyo schoolgirl (Kagome Higurashi) who travels back in time and meets the demon, Inu-Yasha. This manga was turned into an anime sometime in the '90s. And let me just say, it is TOTALLY awesome. Inu-Yasha kicks ass.
- "Dude, did you see Inuyasha this weekend??"
- "Tcha, he took off his shirt again. So hot."
- "WHEE!"
by Mrs. Hayden Christensen July 03, 2005
A very good animation based on fedual Japan. With interestion plot twists, with some love triangles thrown in.
My favorite T.V. show is InuYasha.
by midori August 05, 2005
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