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Homo definitely intended
opposite of no homo, usually just joking
*Slaps guys butt* HDI bro
by Sharkkbait!<3 June 06, 2010
26 5
acronym for the term "head down in shame"

often used to express the disappointment/ignorance displayed by another person
1. boy: ey chase just said derek fisher is better then chris paul
girl: are u serious? *hdis*

2.boy: hey dad i finally graduated college with my AA degree (is 45 years old)
dad: *hdis*
by boothMANE November 13, 2011
1 0
An acronym for (Head down in shame, but said in person like (F this!)
Oh my god! H.DIS!
by Prince Sid December 16, 2010
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The Next and best of Halo
Oh my gosh watch out HDI is getting online
by HDI Winkey October 04, 2007
5 28