Top Definition
Homo definitely intended
opposite of no homo, usually just joking
*Slaps guys butt* HDI bro
by Sharkkbait!<3 June 06, 2010
acronym for the term "head down in shame"

often used to express the disappointment/ignorance displayed by another person
1. boy: ey chase just said derek fisher is better then chris paul
girl: are u serious? *hdis*

2.boy: hey dad i finally graduated college with my AA degree (is 45 years old)
dad: *hdis*
by boothMANE November 13, 2011
An acronym for (Head down in shame, but said in person like (F this!)
Oh my god! H.DIS!
by Prince Sid December 16, 2010
The Next and best of Halo
Oh my gosh watch out HDI is getting online
by HDI Winkey October 04, 2007

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