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An extremely loving girl. She will usually be one of the best friends in your life. She's caring, honest, beautiful and awesome. She'll bring you up and make you smile when you are in need of help. Definitely someone you can trust on and someone you can hold on to.
Also, in case of a relationship. She is the perfect girl for you. You are the luckiest motherfucker ever if you are dating Ines.
Bob: "Hey, I feel kind of upset..."
Clara: "Don't worry, I'll help you out"
Bob: " aww, you are so Ines!"
by Mr. whom? October 18, 2010
Ines is a slovenian term, whitch means a beauty lady from the north-east of Slovenia.
I saw ines today. She was so hot.
by Preki June 28, 2008
A totally fucking rad girl, usually of extreme intelligence. Normally hella honest, and that could freak people out.
Commonly found in big cities/capitals. Ines may literally mean cautious lamb, but truly the common meaning for it is the fucking best shit in the world who may like lambs. Thats the correlation between the meaning and the true understanding. Can be used as a sexual innuendo, meaning the best fuck in life.
"That was the best Ines of my life"
"Did you see that Ines, shes a once in a lifetime"
by bumblebeeps September 16, 2010
Ines, usually curvy, with straight or curly hair.

She's full of soul, loves friends, and a good time.

She's the prime example of 1+1=4

because if you pair up one Ines with Another Ines you get 2 pairs of fun but for reasons to smile, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! She gives the best hugs and loves a good joke so tell her LOTS!

P.S she is REALLY fun to hug. Also, treat her well, because I am related to an Ines and you are LUCKY if you know one.
Ines: Hey, ma. Come give me a hug.

Me: *Hugs Ines for a LONG time*

Ines: Wow. . . you give good hugs.

Me: I know. . . <3

Ines: O_O
by tokitokitotokito December 02, 2011
That feeling everyone has but there isn't a name for.
A negative feeling.
Person One: "I'm feeling..."
Person Two: "Ine?"
Person One: "Yeah."
by Pseudonym Ducky June 01, 2013
Adj. describing something uncool, not favorable, or low rent
Dude, that's ine as hell that you can't come out tonight!
by Trides September 18, 2013
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