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n. A craving for sweet foods or the tendency to have such cravings.
"I need some jelly beans to satisfy my sweet tooth"

"He ruined his appetite because he gave in to his sweet tooth and ate 3 pounds of frosting."
by blueagave March 22, 2006
a very strong strain of marijuana, it also has also one a cannibis cup award.
damn that is some strong sweet tooth
by weed smoker July 09, 2006
The clown off of Twisted Metal series that always drives an ice cream truck probably is one of the many clowns that has given kids the fear of clowns
Sweet Tooth just made me lose my last life
by JimmyWilson May 16, 2009
A pot smoking technique where the mouthpiece rim of a glass one-hitter, pipe, etc., is prepared with a sugar-crusting prior to smoking, preferably with fruit juice.
Yo that 4th of July barbecue was epic, and it peaked when I hit the Sour Diesel with a sweet tooth. My girl dipped the one-ny tip in pineapple juice and then sugar, then held it in place for me as I lit it in the wind...
by Les Zizmor January 12, 2011
n. a tooth that is sensitive to sugar.
"Ow! That candy bar hurt my sweet tooth!"
by AEAMC March 22, 2009
A sexual act in which a male defecates into a females mouth and proceedes to face fuck the shit out of her. It is less commonly known as the Courtney.
Shut your mouth before I give you a sweet tooth.
by Balrog 1 June 10, 2009
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