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A mother, a care giver, someone who is always there for you when you need her to be.

Her best trait is her loyalty to others. Sure, she has a lot of other great treats. But, when it comes to loyalty, she takes the cake.

People may talk smack about her, but that is because they don't know her. She is determined, strong, and caring.

Her biggest flaw is her Paranoia. But, that is because she doesn't know how good of a person she is.
Melissa: Are you cheating on me?!

Husband: Hon, that's a picture of our children.

Melissa: DON'T YOU STAND THERE AND LIE TO ME! Where you having a god damn orgy in the house?

Husband: That's a freaken birthday party!

Melissa: I'm sorry. I love you.

Husband: Oh, Melissa. . .
by tokitokitotokito December 02, 2011
Ines, usually curvy, with straight or curly hair.

She's full of soul, loves friends, and a good time.

She's the prime example of 1+1=4

because if you pair up one Ines with Another Ines you get 2 pairs of fun but for reasons to smile, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! She gives the best hugs and loves a good joke so tell her LOTS!

P.S she is REALLY fun to hug. Also, treat her well, because I am related to an Ines and you are LUCKY if you know one.
Ines: Hey, ma. Come give me a hug.

Me: *Hugs Ines for a LONG time*

Ines: Wow. . . you give good hugs.

Me: I know. . . <3

Ines: O_O
by tokitokitotokito December 02, 2011
To describe in a "past tense" state.

To say something "Was" something else.

And if you are not careful with your definitions, you could end up making a separate definition for another word because you used mixed up "were" with "where."
Ghetto person: We was just chillin' at the MAWL!

Grammar Nazi: Don't you mean "Were"?

Ghetto person: You're about to be "Were-Dead"

Grammar Nazi: "Were-Dead"?

Ghetto person: As in "Were-dead, after I killed you and brought you back to life to help me prove my Alibi"

Grammar Nazi: That doesn't make sense."

Ghetto Person: Niga, it makes perfect sense. How can you be ded if you helping me with an alibi to another crime? You is one problem solved!

Grammar Nazi: . . .
by Tokitokitotokito December 02, 2011
Smart, beautiful, petite with dark hair. (sometimes, she may dye it)

Dani(s) usually have a tough exterior, with BROWN, green, or blue eyes. They're sweet, Funny, and only exploit themselves to people they care about, or are worthy of getting to know the real them. Dani rarely cares about what other people think. If she does care about what you think, it's because she cares a lot about you. If she cares about you, you are lucky, because she will stick by you forever.

A Dani can be any sort of woman, really. A fire fighter, a model, an artist, a marine biologist. She can be anything when she puts effort in to it. She may not know what she wants now, but when she does, she will be a success.

Dani(s) are a success with friends, jobs, and when it comes to love she is the C.E.O

Dani doesn't take crud from no one and is a little vulgar sometimes. But, you gotta love her.
Girl one: Dani is such a great friend. I should be more like her.

Boy: I wish I had a girl like that

Girl two: Ha! So do I. . .
by tokitokitotokito December 01, 2011
A beautiful enigma with a Puerto-Rican vibe, who's ghetto one day, and classy the next.

She's smart, funny, and is racially confused. Doesn't know if she's black, white, or Hispanic sometimes. But, compensates for that with her random Puerto-Rican pride. She's also a very awesome person and there is no way you CAN'T love Monica.
Dude: Sup, homie.

Monica: Yo, where you at?

Dude: Chillin' with Labron, how about chu?

Monica: Hanging out with my gurls at club Le's Ho

Dude: For real. Aye, you Puerto-Ricans are FINE

Monica: Why you categorizing me? RUDE!

Dude: You gotta be. You got dat body.


Dude: Peace.
by tokitokitotokito December 02, 2011

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