Illuminati from the latin word illuminatus, enlightened. Basicly they were the first atheists who got fed up with the State Church's and had the resources to do something. With lots of strieve, blood shed and power have they rose above many and now control powerful political bodies, who they use to influence the world.

Very little is known about this group, there are some theories, but we're mostly clueless, we are aware of them, but it doesn't affect them, for now.
The illuminati will slap you in the face if you're a gullible or plain simply use you for their... I mean for the greater good of humanity.
by Elixz March 09, 2015
A pretend secret society that conspiracy theorists believe are trying

to take over the world. Also believed (?) to be behind the mutder of every famous person in the last decade
Most of todays music stars are showing their membership of the illuminati by the images in their videos
by liveintherealworld December 18, 2013
The ones who sell their soul to the devil for fame and game

True followers include:
Acomb, Stephen
Donnaly, Colton
Obama, Barrack
Pitt, Brad
Hitler, Adolph
Cruise, Tom
Satan performed a 3 way with Adolf Hitler and Barrack Obama and created the perfect illuminati baby, and named it Stephen Acomb.
by SatanCumingForStephen January 18, 2014
21. illuminati

people who are deeply enthralled in the united states goverment with twisted ideas to enact the new world order and domination on the rest of the world useing intricate plots so synicial they would lead to an invasion of the united states or a second revolutionary war by the people to rid these fucks out of the country. they are responsible for the term "The rich get richer and the poor get fucked over" there are signs of their icons the statue of liberty, the one dollar bill with the term "novus ordo seclorum" New World Order with one intention to enslave the people and control all of the power. see bonesmen
Some of our most powerful politicitans are members of the illuminati.

Comment submitted with Request to Delete: "This definition is virtually incoherent, full of misspellings, and completely incorrect. The Illuminati are fully explained in Dan Brown's book "Angels & Demons" as a secret society founded in Galileo's time to promote science in opposition to the Catholic church, which sought to surpress it. They quietly intermingled with the Freemasons, and were quite powerful in the United States at various times in our country's history."

To reference a fictional book as factual evidence to correctly define any idea, subject, word, theory, or belief is ratrded.
RATARD which means moronic, idiotic, thoughtless, self proclaimed ignorance, mindless, aesopian fact finder, fabeled reality, dweller of imaginary factless truth, king bonehead, jackass, shouda been wasted precum rather than experiencing the birth process. should wear a helmet every where they go including to sleep at night.
Otherwise the sarcasm should have been followed by and lol jk ro ROFLMFAO JK. illuminati
by SIZZLLIN January 12, 2011
A secret society founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776. The goals of the Illuminati are basically world domination (one world government controlled by the Illuminati members. In order to accomplish this the Illuminati set out to control the most powerful nations of the world , which at the time wer Great Britain and France. The Illuminati claimed to have been behind the Revolutionary War and the Frech Revolution to weaken the two nations governments. However the Bavarian government discovered the Illukinati and forced them underground. They them tried to control contries through more wars they claim to have organized to weaken Europe, for example the Napoleonic wars, and through control over International Bankers which they could screw up the global economy. The Illuminati claim to be behind the WorldWars, WWI was to destroy the Czars and turn Russia to communism, WWII was to build up global communism. They say that there will be a WWIII that will pitt the political Zionists against the Moslem leaders and drain the international community so a world government would have to be accepted.

Do not confuse the Illuminati with Masonry/Freemasonry. They are two very different groups. The Illuminati wants one world government. Freemasons don't really have a goal they are a fraternity of men who believe in a God and are good-natured people. They are do a lot of charity work/community service and aren't very secretive.
Illuminati symbol:

Eye of Providence (the pyramid on the one dollar bill with the eye, also known as the All-Seeing Eye)
by rozoe9 August 23, 2013
It just means all of the occultists in the world who also happen to be well connected in academic and financial circles and of course in high positions of political power and global planning.They worship the devil.




International Socialists.

Creators of such lovely concepts as modern Satanism,modern Wicca,the KKK,Scientology,Socialism,Communism,Nazism and the UN.

They invent lots of Satanic religions and plan on a one world religion to go with their one world government and one world currency.

see also atheism,deism and the Thule Society


^coming soon to a THEATER near you!
by see also the vatican July 29, 2005
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