There are millions and millions of secret societies and they practice a secret religion and they also form the secret government.

I'd call that a conspiracy!

It's a conspiracy fact,not a conspiracy theory.

The mafia is a secret society.The KKK is a secret society.The Nazis had secret societies.

^I would hardly call those "fictional" or the imaginings of an over fertile imagination.Secret societies worship satan and practice magick (witchcraft).They live in denial.There are billions of these crazy people over the earth sadly.They're in league with Satan and think that he gives them Jedi powers and shit.
Shadow government (secret government)
secret society
secret religion
it's a global satanic cult,it's very very HUGE and it operates the secret shadow government and is planning the New World Order and a one world religion that is a satanic cult.
by whoa buddy September 15, 2005
Group founded in 18th century Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt; they claimed to possess the true right to the illumination of Christ. They also had republican political views(that is, anti-monarchial, not part of the conservative american political party of today)Thus the Order of Illuminati quickly arose the aiur of the Jesuits and the Catholic Church for their objection to church doctrine and the right of kings. It was in 1785, the Bavarian goverment, fearing Papal retribution; banned the Illuminati from gathering and group membership dwindled until it died. Though it hasn't stopped the Conspiracy theorists; who claim that the Illuminati control world affairs by orchestrating wars and playing both sides so as to keep global events well under their thumbs. This is because most Conspiracy theorists are insane hippies who hate the federal goverment for outlawing psychedelic drugs and bestiality.
Itanimulli is Illuminati spelled backwards. It also happens to be my neighbor's name. Coincidence? Yes.
by Johnny Pseudonym July 31, 2005
The number 1 Gangster, hustler, Pimp, and mafia in the world. they have plans for global domination and you most likely dont believe or cant do anything about it. people say they worship the devil.(thats probably because they have no money and anyone who does is supossedly evil).

The illuminati DOES EXIST even if they dont call themselves that. they are a mafia that does and does not exist which gives them ultimate power. They are the richest most powerful people on earth and they plan on staying that way by any means, wouldnt you?
the illuminati is tied to the american government.
by TheTruf November 12, 2007
A pejorative for liberal in American politics. It is often used in Republican and conservative circles.

"The those illuminati leftists are trying to raise taxes again."
by Dean Mann November 08, 2008
people who are deeply enthralled in the united states goverment with twisted ideas to enact the new world order and domination on the rest of the world useing intricate plots so synicial they would lead to an invasion of the united states or a second revolutionary war by the people to rid these fucks out of the country. they are responsible for the term "The rich get richer and the poor get fucked over" there are signs of their icons the statue of liberty, the one dollar bill with the term "novus ordo seclorum" New World Order with one intention to enslave the people and control all of the power. see bonesmen
Some of our most powerful politicitans are members of the illuminati.

Comment submitted with Request to Delete: "This definition is virtually incoherent, full of misspellings, and completely incorrect. The Illuminati are fully explained in Dan Brown's book "Angels & Demons" as a secret society founded in Galileo's time to promote science in opposition to the Catholic church, which sought to surpress it. They quietly intermingled with the Freemasons, and were quite powerful in the United States at various times in our country's history."
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
A two-man secret organization that consists of the camerlengo and a hired killer, the second of which believes he is performing Satanism while actually 'helping' the church. Its main aim is to make the people religious zealots by giving them fear of a long-lost group.

SPECIALITIES: Sadistic murders, antimatter and administering fire burns on people.


The chief assasin of the Illuminati. A necrophilia perv who likes his women killed or begging to be killed.

Camerlengo in disguise. Killed his own father as a service to God. Nearly destroyed Vatican City, as another gift to the Holy Father.
"The Illuminati just called me desperately, saying they'd pay me $50 to attend the church. Suspiciously out of character..."

"Well I too got a call from a 'Illuminati' member too, asking me where my wife was buried. Now why in hell would anyone want to know that??"
by wearethebhai2 August 23, 2009
1. (what it actually was) an order of people who had controvrtial ideas that scared people so they were banned in 1785 and ceased to exist.

2. (what ignorant people and idiots think it is) a secret sociaty that is run mostly by jews and aliens to get money and power and introduce a new world order.

needless to say its an excuse for crackpots and nutters to spread stupid conspiricy theories and anti semitism. the illumitati were a bunch of people who thought that the world would be better if it was run by a few people in sercret rather than by a load of differant countries but most people thought that was bad and they banned them.
there were never more than 2000 members of the illuminati
ignorant, idio,t redneck, racist, illiterate piece of brain dead shit, says: the illuminati will take over soon the jews will take all your money and aliens will rape you
by wheatley boy December 26, 2009

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