Fucki'n awesome
Being fucked in the asshole pussy mouth ears and nostrils at the same time illuminati
by Dirhebjishegg June 10, 2015
When ur face gets lazered by a random triangle with an eye that explodes the earth while eating potatoes and playing GTA 5
I'm so scared of the Illuminati!
Oh no, its the Illuminati!
by woof i am a cat May 27, 2015
Guy 1 - Dude what is Illuminati?
Guy 2 - Its been confirmed.
by 29Phantom29 April 07, 2015
Hey I heard ***** is in this group called the Illuminati do you think I should join?

by Glue man April 02, 2015
The ones who sell their soul to the devil for fame and game

True followers include:
Acomb, Stephen
Donnaly, Colton
Obama, Barrack
Pitt, Brad
Hitler, Adolph
Cruise, Tom
Satan performed a 3 way with Adolf Hitler and Barrack Obama and created the perfect illuminati baby, and named it Stephen Acomb.
by SatanCumingForStephen January 18, 2014
Illuminati from the latin word illuminatus, enlightened. Basicly they were the first atheists who got fed up with the State Church's and had the resources to do something. With lots of strieve, blood shed and power have they risen above many and now control powerful political bodies, who they use to influence the world.

Very little is known about this group, there are some theories, but we're mostly clueless, we are aware of them, but it doesn't effect them, for now.
The illuminati will slap you in the face if you're a gullible or plain simply use you for their... I mean for the greater good of humanity.
by Elixz March 09, 2015
A pretend secret society that conspiracy theorists believe are trying

to take over the world. Also believed (?) to be behind the mutder of every famous person in the last decade
Most of todays music stars are showing their membership of the illuminati by the images in their videos
by liveintherealworld December 18, 2013

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