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the Illuminati is a secret orginazation of the most powerful and influential elite in the world.They go back for centuries and maintain the same bloodlines.They set up the council on forign relations,the bilderberg group and the tri-laterial commission.those 3 groups all meet to plan the fate of the world.They consists of international bankers,top government officials,leaders in the energy cartel and media monopoly owners and have control over the U.N. and unesco.their subdivisions reach into everyones daily life without most sheeple even being aware of it. They also have ties to the freemasons,skull and bones, and the knights templar.their ultimate goal is for a one world government which they will control,also a one world currency,and they want control and ownership of all land,property,resources and people.Also they manipulate political parties,and the legal and illigal drug trade and federal agencies related to all matters listed above.
rockefeller foundation,ford foundation, carlysle group,J.P.Morgan,oppenhiemer,kuhn leub,federal reserve system and many others involved. check out bloodlines of the illuminati and new world order
by New Rising Sun May 31, 2005
A fake secret society and idea created by people that believe that mediocre to bad artists, actors, etc was made in order to explain why these people are in the industry, as they are so ignorant to the fact that sharing the music video (We Cant Stop) commenting how bad it is, and talking about it on heavily viewed forums does nothing but put it in hell. Instead it promotes it, and so in music videos and movies show "illuminati" symbolism like 666, or the all seeing eye to promote it as people will talk about it and more will know and promote its existence, also they probably like to piss you off. And they will put more stuff like sex, money, etc. in it that knows it will make white christians cringe in church pants. There is no "waking up" its you being stupid. And no im not a celebrity initiating into a belief that a devil figure will give me money, sex and fame now but will put me in hell later instead of believing in god that requires my life to be shitty in order to worship him and put me in heaven as an award for my suffering. (Also, if good music isnt mainstream, why dont you share and talk about it all the time about your findings?)
Clarence: Oh my goodness, have you seen that slut Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball video? It's so horrible, it must be the Illuminati. It's not like there's metaphors or anything in it, I have to focus on "sluttiness"

Head of every Christian Forum: Oh yes, i must tell everyone how slutty and nasty she is even though the Bible clearly tells me not to judge.
by Ohshtpleasedontkillme13328 November 02, 2013
Anyone capable of orchestrating anything remotely intelligent
Beyonce is a talented entertainer who works hard for her money. She must be in the illuminati.
by PIP6 December 30, 2014
A bunch of assholes who decide for the world beyond it's will
A: What word comes too your mind when you hear about wars , financial meltdowns etc.?
B: Illuminati
by Another random guy September 18, 2012
The reason for everything and somehow, people find stupid, ridiculous ways to prove the illuminati. If you want to be awesome, don't screw with this crap.

Wait a second.....
Awesome contains 7 letters! And there just so happens to contain the prefix awe. And awe means in amazement, and it works out because it's all fond to each other, and they all have the "ah" sound! And in the alphabet, a - h has 8 letters, if you subtract the 2 letters "ah" from 8, you get 6. And six sounds like sex... Which Miley Cyrus probably gets lots of, and she came in like a wrecking bAll, see. Pay close attention the the pronunciation, "ah!" And In the words illuminAUGHty, it contains the sound "ah"

So illuminati confirmed
Joe - "I wonder why they we have to learn geometry, it's retarted."
Sam - "It's because in geometry, we learn about triangles, and triangles just so happen to be the illuminati's symbol! So teachers are already training us to learn about the illuminati, and one day, they're going to come!"
Joe - "You're insane."
by Ghost_Red9 December 15, 2014
They are a secret agenda starting from a few millennia ago. The early civilisation made a law that the population must be on or under 500,000,000 people in order not to destroy the Earth. The illuminati are assigned to do that by killing people, making people have only one child per couple, all for reducing population.

Do not trust any mass media. Do not trust in any bullshit that breaks the laws of physics. They are using HAARP to create artificial weather to destroy us. Only half a million of us will survive after world war 3. New world order is coming soon. And it is because the Revelation told us.

Huge clouds of locusts attack us.
Then the fake saviour came.
Then so on...
Illuminati: go to space man! We will put you in a rocket.
Guy: why?
Illuminati: we are helping nature.
Guy: you can't do that!
by Ardune October 23, 2014
In the 1800 century there was a group of scientists did chemistry and stuff like that but they couldn't let anyone know because they would be accused as witches and such
-Does the illuminati still exist?
- nah, if it did they'd come open about it
by spongebob squarepants April 28, 2015
Illuminati is currently the name given to the richest and most powerful people in the world. They don't call themselves that. Although a lot of people suggest it BS and fictional, We can see greed is controlling the world, the rich are getting richer everyday. War arms are expensive and only the rich can sell them. For those who poo poo the idea that there is some kind of "illuminati", Look at wealth distribution patterns over the past 30 years. The hard working people are well and truly being screwed by the rich. Greed and gluttony rules the world.
The illuminati influence people's mind in the media and influence world events because they have enough money to do whatever they want.
by Aluminumati August 13, 2015
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