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3 definitions by AyyRayRay

Contrary to popular belief, Idaho is in fact one of the biggest government conspiracies ever. Not a single person lives in Idaho. It is just one giant potato factory. The government pays people to say they are from Idaho, and this giant potato factory is ran by the people who have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. The federal government also pay's farmers and grocery stores large sums of money to carry "idaho potatoes," being that such a secret is never supposed to get out
"I used to live in Idaho."
"You work for the government, dont you?"

"I just bought these Idaho potatoes for dinner."
"Idaho? No. You-da-ho!"
by AyyRayRay August 14, 2008
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derived from the word luncheon, muncheon is similar; it is anytime during the day when you take a break to munch on some food.
I had a late night muncheon!
by ayyrayray February 14, 2009
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wow he's a ginger he must be an adam
by ayyrayray July 26, 2008
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