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1) A natural disaster which struck the united states in 2000 A.D. and flooded the American media with manipulation and lies.
2) Reincarnation of both Hitler and Alf.
If you don't support war then you're not a patriot. You love America, right?
by AngryAmishMafia May 18, 2004
One of the best conducted hoaxes in history. Idaho does not exist, nor does anyone "from Idaho" exist. It is suspected Idaho is a black hole.

Idaho is, in actuality, the final resting place of the B-52's. When their career began to decline, they left for Idaho and never returned.
My grandma's poodle was sucked into the gaping void of Idaho while she was visiting Montana.
by AngryAmishMafia May 19, 2004
Theory that America is the only real country on Earth, could kick every other country's ass in a war (combined), has the right to police other countries and isn't a part of the United Nations.

Belief commonly held by Republicans.
God bless America... And fuck everybody else.
by AngryAmishMafia May 25, 2004
An Austrailian monotreme that looks like a hedgehog, but with an enlongated snout. Lays eggs.
The echidna is a mammal and is not to be confused with the enchilada, a Mexican food item.
by AngryAmishMafia May 26, 2004
A skinny plant with characteristic leaves growing in a group atop a narrow shoot.

The Shrub was appointed head of the United States by the Illuminati in hopes it might give Republicans "American Big Dick Syndrome". The operation was almost a complete success.
The Shrub just sat there and made laws. No-one questioned how it managed to do so or how it was even elected. It was, after all, just a brainless fucking PLANT!
by AngryAmishMafia May 18, 2004
One who calls another person 'racist' or 'closed minded' because the person does not like a certain thing created by another group or culture.
"I fail to see the point in Dance Dance Revolution."
"No. You just hate Asian people, you closed minded bastard!"
by AngryAmishMafia May 26, 2004
An actor who was good on "That 70's Show" but is utterly pathetic in all other roles.
WTF? Ashton Kutcher is doing a MOVIE!? I gagged enough the last time I watched Punk'd!
by AngryAmishMafia May 25, 2004

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