To be deported by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the largest investigative agency within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
Illegal Alien 1: Did you hear about what happened to Rodriguez last week?
Illegal Alien 2: No man, what?
Illegal Alien 1: He got ICE'd, they sending his ass back to Ecuador.
by Seahawk1 April 27, 2010
Being denied access to a dedicated electric vehicle charge station because an ICE (internal combustion engine) powered car is illegally parked in the spot, usually due to poor signage, but also because many drivers are assholes.
Today I planned to go charge my car at the Yaletown station, but only one spot was open because some dick had ICE'd the other one.
by Mark_BC February 20, 2014
a word which describes a negative notation or accomplishment.
"I iced you, bitch"

"I iced that exam"
by GOOMBSKA January 24, 2013
The word which describes someone who get's bitch smacked and/or gets kicked in the nuts
Dude your girlfriend totally iced you.
by Vman money July 02, 2010
Iced meaning to have diamond jewelry or to be killed
Chyea that nigga ran straight up on me and I iced that fool or my necks frozen cause its iced out
by Julian Robinson March 20, 2007
To insult someone so harshly that they are unable to make a comeback leaving them "frozen like ice." See burn
Did you see that he didn't even had a comeback! You "iced" him!
by Mike J C September 05, 2005
Basically you got beaten or hustled by a stupid person, it's like playing Peter Griffin at poker and losing, when he is so stupid he reads his cards out, but still wins you because he is lucky, constantly.

It's similar to lucker, but their always lucky and you know they will get lucky, so their killing you with luck, they iced you.

Their so rubbish, but so lucky it doesn't matter and no matter how good you play them they beat you, even though their not thinking about how to beat you. Their just a happy go lucky type person who always beats people at the games they play, just because their lucky. But ask them anything intellectual and they don’t have a clue. Their generally not smart just showy and lucky.

Like ‘Vanilla Ice’, get in his way and you get ‘Iced’, but not be he is good just because he is so rubbish you just can’t do anything, it’s so rubbish its good but in a corny way... And everyone will like what he does and you will just look stupid even though he is stupid, and if you copy him you would look stupid, but he pulls it off, and pulls it off with a corny uncopyable style, but not because he did anything special just because no matter what some how he gets lucky.
When Homer Simpson beats Frank Grimes without trying, Homer ‘Iced’ Grimes, without trying and came off looking better for it. Even though everyone new Homer was stupid no one had the nerve to tell Homer, because Homer well he has other characteristics that make him good, because he is entertaining.


That guy 'Iced' me again, no matter what I do, he always beats me, but he isn't smart or intelligent, he's a bit goofy, but some how he always wins. I swear if I had a double headed coin and he called tails it would always land on the edge of the coin or some how he would make me call tails by accident.

Playing Poker:

That guy is so lucky, he always picks up Aces, and calls with anything and wins, and how he plays so many hands, and wins I don’t know. He calls with a 1 in 20 chance and hits nearly every time. He’s ‘Iced’ me again! Unbelievable!


Dam, what a moron, he’s so stupid yet I always seem to loose to him and he doesn’t do anything special he doesn’t even know the square root of 144, and he always seems to beat me. I really don’t get it. He’s not amazingly good looking and gets the girls… he acts like an idiot most of the time… but always seems to win… Dam it… What does he have? He has a corny style I guess he just ‘Iced’ me because he’s so reckless, dam Chaos Theory.
by TheaDragonSpirit October 20, 2011

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