1. To be fucked offa Crystal Methamphetamine (Ice).
2. To be murdered.
1. "Being iced all the time you feel on top of the world....but whateva goes up must come down."
2. "Why'd Tommy get Iced?"
"Coz he talked Jimmy, yo' have a lot to learn."
by Diego August 30, 2003
Capitalized "iCeD". A face that inhabits #jj2.
Not applicable.
by Trafton September 11, 2003
when you blank someone
1.da gurl iced me
2.y u icin me?
3.i gettin iced
by anon January 08, 2005
To stare hard at someone that you don't like.
"She iced that girl until she was afraid to look back."
by Aishah May 09, 2003
A term expressing the freezing of someone's account on a website. Common on virtual pet sites.
"Dude, did you hear? ChickFlick just got iced!"

"Hey man, she had it coming."
by Blaze June 14, 2004
A word to use if you're pissed off about something.
"That chick is trying to be better than me, i am SO iced!"
by Starlett March 18, 2003
To eat ice cream with friends. A play on the fact that "to get iced" sounds like a bad thing. Usually used to make anyone who might be listening in on the conversation confused and nervous. Or intrigued.
Friend 1: "Dude! We got sooo iced last night! We have to do that again soon."

Friend 2: "Aw man, I know! I didn't know they had so many flavors, either!"

Sketchy Stranger: "Woah, I don't know what that is, but I gotta get in on that..."
#ice #froze #contraband #scoops #fun
by CCSaar March 02, 2010
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