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adj. Used in reference to a decorative or jewelry item containing a prolific quantity of diamonds ("ice"). Connotes an ostentatious display of material wealth accumulated through slangin' crack, pimpin' 'hoes, hustlin' at the swap meet, MCing, and not paying chile support to tha baby's mamas!
Montrel was all frontin' his shit for the ladies like he's Mr. President or something, 'til I step in sportin' an iced out 24-karat Rolex on BOFE arms! Dayyumn, nigga, guess who got the booty now.
by Carl Willis August 04, 2004
To be dressed with lots of jewelry, usually platinum or diamond, can be a; grill, watch, necklace, ring, earring
DUDE! you look so iced out with your platinum grill, diamond encrusted rolex, and diamond stud earrings.
by Jersey Kid November 25, 2007
Laced wit' diamonds. (or) A drink that's been allowed to sit too long and has become diluted. Popularized by E-40.
Yo, tha playa is hella iced-out, 'cos he makes his bank at Borders. (or) Shoot, bring me a refill--this coke is all iced-out.
by Boomer January 14, 2000
to be wasted off of Smirnoff Ice, usually a result of bros icing bros.
frat boy 1: shit dude, you were way iced out yesterday!!!
frat boy 2: shit man, i still am, bro!!!!
by i see you i see you June 04, 2011
to be rollin like a big tymer usually to large sums of money and jewlery
i'm an iced ot thug rollin on double dubs
by heavy_a December 18, 2002
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