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To be excited to go to Iceland
yo billy i'm so iced!!!
by mcats22 December 29, 2010
9 16
To be Drunk on Keystone Ice, the 5.9 alcohol beer.
Unlike most authors John couldn't write Subtle Beef unless he was Iced.

Dude, we need to get some Keystone Ice tonight, i havn't been Iced in hours.
by Drobnizzle February 18, 2008
5 12
to insult without using words
usually rolling your eyes or looking away
It was so funny. My buddy got iced by a seven-year-old.
by Dancingfool23 November 30, 2003
6 13
to be blatantly ignored by someone who knows you.
Girl: He walked by me without even saying anything.

Girl2: He totally just iced you.
by Jaja A January 22, 2010
79 87
To still be drunk when you wake up the next day after partying.
Elliot-Oh man,I think I'm Iced.
Jenny- Its 8:00 what time did you go to bed?
by Stephanie Winston November 19, 2007
5 13
Killed in a homie fight
Homie 1: Y00, nigga. Me was cruising wene some otha ballas iced some brotha of the west-side turf.
Me was like, ICED THA MOTHA FOCKAy0! **Makes MM9 move**

Homie 2: ICED like jam jam? foziio! nigga
by Gummy Boy May 09, 2006
8 16
The act of releasing ones ejaculate onto a females body,usually the face, giving off the appearance that she has been covered with icing, simular to that of a cake.
Person 1: "Did your girl let you bust your load on her?"

Person 2: "Yo, I straight iced that bitch"
by Jaypeezy2323 April 01, 2009
7 16