to be blatantly ignored by someone who knows you.
Girl: He walked by me without even saying anything.

Girl2: He totally just iced you.
by Jaja A January 22, 2010
To still be drunk when you wake up the next day after partying.
Elliot-Oh man,I think I'm Iced.
Jenny- Its 8:00 what time did you go to bed?
by Stephanie Winston November 19, 2007
Killed in a homie fight
Homie 1: Y00, nigga. Me was cruising wene some otha ballas iced some brotha of the west-side turf.
Me was like, ICED THA MOTHA FOCKAy0! **Makes MM9 move**

Homie 2: ICED like jam jam? foziio! nigga
by Gummy Boy May 09, 2006
to insult without using words
usually rolling your eyes or looking away
It was so funny. My buddy got iced by a seven-year-old.
by Dancingfool23 November 30, 2003
To be excited to go to Iceland
yo billy i'm so iced!!!
by mcats22 December 29, 2010
The act of releasing ones ejaculate onto a females body,usually the face, giving off the appearance that she has been covered with icing, simular to that of a cake.
Person 1: "Did your girl let you bust your load on her?"

Person 2: "Yo, I straight iced that bitch"
by Jaypeezy2323 April 01, 2009
Extremely intoxicated, to the point of no return.
Yo Justin got his head shaved last night when he was passed out. Motha Fucker was Iced!
by Langon January 10, 2009

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