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Killed in a homie fight
Homie 1: Y00, nigga. Me was cruising wene some otha ballas iced some brotha of the west-side turf.
Me was like, ICED THA MOTHA FOCKAy0! **Makes MM9 move**

Homie 2: ICED like jam jam? foziio! nigga
by Gummy Boy May 09, 2006
to get OWNED.
boy steps on girls foot.
the girl says...."omg thats my foot"
boy says.."thanks foot"


girl drops her phone
boy laughs and says ICED.
by chris rajapakse September 30, 2008
1. To be killed without warning.
2. Having your account banned from a website, usually done by an administrator or moderator
1. Did you here about the man that got iced a month ago?
2. The administrator iced the account of gothdOOd after he tried to hack into the account of a moderator.
by guest drone #89 January 02, 2005
being high as all hell
dad, dont come in, i'm so iced
by sexi chocolate May 03, 2003
cool, the shit, tight, ghetto, sick all wrapped together
that shit was so iced
by Mr, Bristol December 14, 2008
Capitalized "iCeD". A face that inhabits #jj2.
Not applicable.
by Trafton September 11, 2003
To have absolutely no communication with a person the day, or days, after an action like a spontaneous kiss to full on sex. Usually associated with the "Ice-er" being scared and confused by the actions done by the "Ice-ee"

Can be associated with or alluded to "One Night Stands"
I've sent her 5 texts today, and I have not gotten a single response... Looks like I've got a week of getting iced for that one little kiss.
by City Boy in a Country World October 10, 2009