A program designed to make bright, ambitious students have suicidal tendencies. This program was created by the Illuminati to hold back global intellectual progress.

Common rationalization for joining IB:
IB a nerd today, IB your boss tomorow
Its not as bas as you think.
Nah, it can't be as hard as AP.

Jokes. IB stands for Intellectual Bad-ass. All people in it are better than you in general.
Why is Jimmy such a boss?" "Because he's IB
by kid canada1112 October 15, 2010
International Bull$$$$ (IB) offers low quality programmes of international education. Although this education is pointless is it still used by many schools. The intellectual, personal, emotional and social skillsare at Pre-Kindy requirements when this type of education is used. There are more than 555,000 IB students who are made to comply with this horrible system. The global community is at a serious risk, as half a million people will struggle to grasp an answer without investigating, designing and even spending hours wasting precious time ‘planning’ their approach to an answer, that to the I.B, is completely irrelevant

The I.B has many objectives on their academic agenda. Possibly the most profound ideology that the wonderful I.B system represents is the ‘no answer’ policy. Don’t worry about the answer, that will look after it itself. Just blabber on about how you got there, after all, it’s the journey that counts, not the destination. Well, in the I.B’s point of view, anyway.

They also seem to like handing out seemingly pointless assignments to student over long weekends, obviously just to fit a gaping hole in the curriculum. Never mind about algebra. The I.B has a better idea: studying cracked tiles and hopping, bouncing and jumping kangaroos is far more beneficial to the lads of the global world.

There is so much to talk about the I.B, nd I’ve only got one page. Seems a pity for such an excellent, to-the-point academic system. Often described by insults such as “rawkous”, “ridiculous”, and even the foul “rumpus”, the I.B desperately needs a change before something disastrous happens, such as a child war, or a planned bomb raid.
omg how the hell did u get that answer ....... I didnt ...but you got top marks ........ well i talked about y i didnt get the answer ARHHH IB RAWKOUS
by Tom n Xave August 28, 2007
A program entered by smart people, thinking they will get smarter by using words and textbooks that only the British use. This program eventually transforms a normal student into a stress-seeping, school-leeching vegetable, abandoning other supposed forms of life.
An inside all-purpose joke used by "candidates" of the IB program as a means of escaping said illusioned smartness.
ib stupid! ib smart! ib screwed! ib funny! ib screwed!
by Orion January 15, 2004
abbreviation for Internal Brain-damage
the IB is drivin me insane dude!
by internalbraindamage November 03, 2006
Commonly thought to be a magnet program, International Baccalaureate is in reality a cleverly disguised plot implemented by Swiss lawn gnomes to steal the souls, sleep, and free wills of high school students. Pros include mad bs'ing skills.

Also see: Academic Suicide
I am, therefore I B
I B, therefore I stress
I stress, therefore IBS
by spliteye835 February 18, 2010
A "special" program that I happen to be in, in whitch they spell program as "programme". Although it's very fucking hard, and they give us a bunch of dumbasstic projects, IB students go on more field trips and get an instant year of college (freshman year) already done for you. That way, you enter as a sophmore.

In the IB program, many of our teachers have no fucking sence of humor and teach and talk like robots. The teachers many times don't tell you what the fucking homework is, so you come the next day telling your teacher "Fucking tell me the homework next time". Many times the teachers are also lesbians, such as my science teacher.

Well, at least I don't have to be in a class of dumbasses.

"Normal" student: Yo, have you heard of that IB thing?

"Normal" student 2: Yeah, they do a shitload of projects. Sounds like a drag.

Me: I am IB. Therefore, I BS.
by IvanTheCat v2 October 03, 2006
program created to make braindead the "smarter" youth of today. the only difference between this and regular school is that IB believes in loading you down with homework in an effort to force you from having a social life or boyfriend/girlfriend. all the teachers seem to think that their class is the ONLY class that we are taking therefore gives us enough homework for 12 classes. Most lucky kids get put in IB in their freshmen year while the unfortunate ones are "chosen" to go to the MYP (middle years program) for 7th and 8th grade. TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!
Kid one: you see that guy over there?
Kid two: ya
Kid one: he's in IB
Kid two: poor guy's gonna be single for life.
by domi*star March 09, 2009

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