Kids with giant ass backpacks that usually go out 3 times their body's width.Usually resulting in back problems in the future.
That bag is frikin' huge. It's really I.B.
#book worm #overly smart person #geek #spaz #international bachalaureate
by Gojitte March 21, 2007
IB the program which will end the earth because of all the paper it makes kids waste everyday for no reason. The main reason it is dying.
IB Teacher: Class I don't need you 12 page essays any more. I have no use for it.

Class of 30 throws away 360 pieces of paper away.
#ib program #ib exams #ib oral #ib math #ib stinks
by phoneforuse April 02, 2011
Itchy Ball Syndrome.

1. One suffering from lack of sex, usually of the male gender.
Man 1:My god, I've got a bad case of I.B.S
Man 2: Wow, how long has it been, man?
Man 1: About a week.
#sex #abstinence #itchiness #balls #ballsack
by Zhyre November 26, 2007
The optional higher level course of academics taken by high school students to improve their knowledge of foreign studies, and to prepare them for college. Also notably more difficult that Advanced Placement classes, IB nerds generally make other people jealous with their smarts, despite the fact that they are all over-worked, and constantly lacking sleep.
Im in IB, therefore, I B smarter than you.

You are in IB? Therefore, you must be a virgin.
#tok #nerds #ap #smart #school
by Audrie-N January 09, 2008
A dangerously fatal disease whose side effects include but are not limited to: A soulless existence, insomnia due to the persistent feeling of not having completely finished all work, a "brain-dead" state, a shattered self-esteem, a falsified interest in life as a result of TOK, an endless cycle of procrastination, which left untreated could lead to mental instability, insanity, or fatality.
"It was nice knowing Sujen," says Speaker 1
"The IB got the best of him...he fought so valiantly" says speaker 2
"He shall not be forgotten. May he rest in peace, and let the IB be eradicated before more perish" says speaker 3.
#ib #international baccalaureate #hell #masochism #high school
by awesomeib October 21, 2011
international baccalaureate, in britain is owning a levels. helps you to get out of the shithole that is england. insanely hard to get in to if you are not upper class and your dad owns a bentley and a small indonesian island.
chav:hey i melon farming hate it round here
IB guy:see you later dickhead
by granty April 05, 2005
The end of you're social life. What you will die from before Senior year due to the enormous amount of work, IA's, IB exams, and the dreaded EE aka Extended Essay. And i'm only in Pre-IB.

Kill me now.
AP kids. Don't even complain. You guys have nothing compared to us
IB kids: Smart enough to get in, dumb enough to stay in
#stupidity #ib #just stupid #i hate my life #ponies
by bean cup December 10, 2009
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