Also commonly defined as BS (bullshit), is an stressful program that makes the student give everything to this 2 year course. Everything means friends, social life, sleeping hours, and why not, blood. Affortunately, there isn't such a great quantity of geeks that want to enroll this program, but malicious teachers try to "pull" masses of students to this program. They give you stupid reasons like "IB makes you a world student", "you will be accepted in all universities and/or jobs in the world", "you will hsve less subjects in your career", and so on. But finishing the course and receiving the diplomma, you realize that you wasted 2 years of your life: the most important years of your whole life. In this time, you could go to parties, meet nice girls, and have sexual relations for the first time. But while you're studying it you transform into a vegetable with no friends (the only friends you have are on a Star Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh or Nintendo club), and you stay home in a Friday night thinking on a programming project or an essay. That isn't everything: you lose hours in nonsense subjects and works like TOK or the Extended Essay, but you often don't attend subjects such as Chemistry or Biology, and finishing IB you're worried and extremely stressed for studying by your own these subjects, necessary for entering college. So it's completely false that it's easier to enter college with an IB diplomma. Be careful if you want to enter this brainteasing program: you become a freak, you'll probably need glasses, and you finish being like one of the idiot guys of the movie Benchwarmers. Finally, your IB teachers use corporal mortification to stop you from leaving the program: they stress you until they're exhausted and then they talk with your parents saying that you have the intellectual capacity to continue in IB, they make you feel like a bullshit, and they close enrolling for you in non-IB courses.
- 85% of the IB students use glasses because of the time they pass in front of a computer.
- Many jobs don't want IB students because they don't know how to maintain friendship with their job mates.
- From 100 students that start IB, 70 leave the next semester.
by Joseph Dickens June 29, 2006
1. an international educational program designed by a bunch of ambassadors looking to put their kids through hell and back...and the suckers bought it and now we're here to tell the tale...
2. Ibers: the unfortunate students of the IB...mostly intelligent young adults but overworked and burnt out by the age 16...each prepared to take over the world at their nearest convenience...sometimes used in a humerous or negative connotation, much like the term dork or freak
1. The IB meets international standards...(blah blah blah blah)
2. you're such an iber.
by sailingthruIB06 August 02, 2005
A maleveloent programme whose objective is to destroy the race smart students . To go about this, the programme has many methods. The first method is to give superfluous homework. This tactic is used so that the student becomes too overwhelmed with homework that their brains fry into an abyss of nothingness. The second method consists of putting a burden of a 20 ton "backpack" on the students back, making them physically weak and unable to support their own body. Often, during this stage, the student complains of back problems and the development of spinal injury. The third method is to deprive the student of his/her sleep. This makes the students do poorly on their tests and final evaluations. The fourth method, the most evil, is that the program tricks its students into beleiving that they will get into any university they try for. Unfortunatley, several students fall for this. Lastly, to renforce the destruction of the smart, the program usually consists of biased teachers, overacheiving robots DISGUISED as IB students, 150 CAS hours to complete, mind-abolishing essays and useless confusing subjects like TOK.
IB student: "Wow, I FINALLY get to go to bed at 4:00AM! It's an early night!"
by Celeste457 January 04, 2007
International B*****. That's the abbreviation for the people who came up with this censored.

IB students don't talk like a ghetto kid.
Student 1: Yo nigga y can't me be in da IB joint?

Student: Because you are an idiot.
by JJ January 03, 2005
International Baccalaureate. It's created to establish the delicate line between intellectuals and riff raff. It's tough, but gives such high lying, cheating, bull shitting, and speaking abilities that it really doesn't matter what you learned, you can sound like you learned everything. Not all IB students are superior to Non-IB students but the average IB students is a much better student and, indeed, person then the average non IB student. The average IB students is elitist, but will probably be your boss/senator/owner later in life.
Riff Raff: Yo son, you aint such hot shit, i is gunna be a rapper fo realz.
IB: Wow, I can't believe my future tax dollars will pay for your numerous offspring.
by RocktheJordan February 01, 2007
People with a future
IB a geek today. IB your boss tomorrow.
by Noam Chomsky13 October 21, 2007
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) is an education programme that genetically modifies its students to live without basic requirements and teaches the aesthetically pleasing art of Bullshit, through its ultimate arsenal of ToK, Extended Essay and CAS.

ToK is an extension of Language A1 class, where students are taught how to bullshit on for 10 pages about whether a pen is a pen or a pencil. The Extended Essay is a benchmark for a students' brainwashing stage. The instructions clearly states students choose a topic of their interest. Successful IB students should not have any interest by this stage. People who still have interest to write about will get an E, and therefore fail the IB. CAS is as close as students get to breathing fresh air and seeing flesh objects. In CAS, students donate their expendable blood, because its the least time consuming service they can offer without compromising study time. IB students also don't have time to make friends. Friends are ompetitors.

At the end of the 2 year IB course. Those who get above a 24 are successfully genetically modified, those who get below 24 do not fullfill the requirements and are obsolete.
Nurse: You again? This must be the 5th time you'v come here to donate blood
IB student: Yes it is. I need 50 service hours for IB.

Nurse: You need time for your blood cells...
IB student: Women I don't have time! There are couple more IB students lined up outside all for the same good CAS cause. Please be understanding

Nurse: I simply cannot allow you to...
IB student: The 45th student, please don't let him donate blood. He pulled out my USB without safety removal and he took advantage of shared wireless network to download my EE as i was writing it.

Nurse: Your what?
IB Student: Oh, Extended Essay, its just 4000 words of bullshit, much of it borrowed from a thesaurus.
by Loyal Utah Kid August 15, 2010
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