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Abbreviation for International Baccalaureate, an international program of education that is taught in more than 105 countires worldwide. It is similar to Advanced Placement, yet IB is a programm in which you can graduate with an IB diploma. IB classes are based on an international ciriculum and are either Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL), HL are two year courses, SL are one year courses. Hated by most and loved by few, it is academically rigorous and difficult, and not for the light-hearted.
1- Ey yo, you takin that IB Anthropology class wit Aleo, that joint is hard.

2- Gar-field IB program is hard shit young.
by Josh M October 24, 2003
The worst thing that could ever happen to a high school student. By the time you reach your second year you will have wished to be labeled as the kid with crabs at an American high school.

It results with long hours spent on learning how to bullshit your way through almost everything thats directed at you. Procrastination is also one of the key elements of IB. They deliberately ask questions which make 2+2 look complicated. By the time you're in your second year, waiting for the MOCKS, all you'll want to do is stick your head into a meat grinder.

It includes a philosophy course called Theory of Knowledge in which you're meant to show interest in the life thats been taken away from you. You also have to produce an Extended Essay of 4000 words and no matter how enjoyable your topic seems it makes you prefer having sexual intercourse with a British woman aged 60+ instead of continuing your life as an IB student. These two aspects make it more difficult when compared to A levels which is the British equivalent where they leave you some breathing space.

There is no such thing as a sane IB student or teacher. In the year of my graduation, one teacher was kicked out for being a pedophile, one teacher turned out to have a blog where she talked about her obsession with a physics teacher who is engaged, she dissed half the faculty, talked about her twitch reliever and reflected on her craving for mad sex.
The IB will not secure you a place in every university.
It will teach you how to procrastinate.
It will teach you the true meaning of loneliness.
It will attempt to turn you into a liar, cheater and whore by making you an ambitious wanker resulting with you losing all the friends you've ever had.
It will cheat you into taking Math Studies which in not actually math and you end up turning your mathematical brain into mashed potatoes.
It will cheat you into taking a higher level science which you should not do unless you intend to become a specialist in the field of toenail fungus.
by Deniz is OVAR 9000 February 03, 2008
"International Baccalaureate"

A program meant to prepare one for college. The causer of much pain.
IB taught me how to make my bull shit smell good.
by IB Student X October 25, 2003
International Baccalaureate Program. An international academic program sponsored by Satan. It hooks in overachievers with the promise of college credit, then later explains that they probably won't get it. Most people in IB become bleached by their computer screens as a result of never going outside, find it normal to go without sleep for a week, and choose to study rather than eat. In the end they all look like zombies.
IB therefore IBS (meaning I Bull Shit or Irritated Bowel Syndrome... both occur often as a result of IB)

by Taylor E. January 30, 2008
International Baccelauriate;
1. An alternative degree for above average senior high school students, it is internationally regulated and recognised as a more challenging and more prestigious course.
2. A program designed specifically to destroy any small shards of self-esteem a pre-IB student once had.
3. A highly elitist program that is really only available to students who's parents can pay for them to attend a very good school.
4. Something that parents can brag about to their friends. (see above)
5. Will either be my downfall or my emancipation from a mediocre life.
1. Year 10 Student (pre-IB): Hey! ive aced every class this year! i think ill do the IB. I've always been fairly smart, and even though i know it will be a challenge, i want to give it a go!
2. Year 11 student (first year IB): Wow... i didnt realise that now i am in a class of gifted people, i no longer stand out - in fact, i feel like a big old dumbass...
3. I feel very grateful for my education. I have attended the best private girls school in australia since i was 7 thanks to my parents being able to pay $17 000 a year to keep me there, now im doing the IB! i better get a damn good result or ill have nothing to show for my $153 000 education...
5. "oh!, how delightful prudence! your daughter will be attending MLC also! Do come down to the Estate this weekend with your family, we can play polo and croquet and it will be jolly good fun!"
6. Hmmmm... i could either end up failing IB (and become a crackwhore) or, i could be a future high-rolling corporate fat-cat/neurosurgeon/investment banker/corporate lawyer/astronaut.

Its funny, because when i asked my father (who is a doctor) to help me with my first term IB biology homework, he said that it was the same as what he learnt in second year med...
by dotdotdot June 25, 2005
International Baccalaureate
An international high school diploma thingy (it kills your brain! dont do it!)
If you can actually spell 'International Baccalaureate' you are probably doing the IB.
by Wouter March 22, 2003
The epitome of cruel and unusual torture, inflicted on young people between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, in which all moral and ethical codes are violated. This program, known formally as the International Baccalaureate, is designed to make these teenagers suffer as much as they can over the span of two years. The more miserable the students are, the more bonus points the IB gurus gain, and the more money is incremented int heir salaries. The instructors are cruel, uninterested in the well-being of the students; the coordinators are merciless in the strive to boost the GPA's of the students as high as they can go; the students themselves are nervous wrecks. Time is not the friend of these poor children, as they are not allowed any spare minutes to do normal activities other teenagers their ages do (i.e. going to the movies, parties, drinking, or attending other social events). They are shielded from the world in their little bubble of TOK, Chemistry, Biology, Photo, Psychology, American History, English, Spanish, French,German, Calculus, Physics, and MLA/APA in-text and extra textual citations. They have a notorious reputation to take illicit drugs in order to maintain concentration and memory. (otherwise known as potheads.) They also have a glorious reputation of being cheaters and liers. IB is in its simplest form a very accurate representation of Hell on Earth. It deprives its students of sleep, food, fun, rest, relaxation, and most of all, happiness and sanity. If an individual is able to complete the rigorous courses and receive their diploma, conserve their sanity, stay alive to receive said diploma, or abstain from committing murder or personal physical mutations, they shall be dubbed The Honorable One by the IB gods in Cardiff, Whales.
Example 1:
You know you're IB when you can't restrain yourself from relating international economics and politics to a simple conversation about cartoons.

Example 2:
Sleep and happiness: about the only words not part of the vocabulary of an IB students.

Example 3:
Ivy League schools: specially designed for IB kids.
by suicidal nerd March 09, 2009