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To be on top of something

To be over a relationship
(take notice when one says they are over a relatiohship that they are attempting to decieve oneself in order to take steps to become truely over a relatiohsip)... unless of course you're a girl, in which case, by saying ur over it you really mean it to the guy, but deep down won't admit to yourself that you truely are . . . if ur a guy and you say this, it means you are hopelessly lost in a sea of despair trying to search for that lost love . . . *ahem* thanks rebecca
FBMP I'm over it me and jenn are thorugh!
RC: yeah rite... when you say u are, ur really not... but it's good that ur taking the correct steps to getting over her
by FBMP April 20, 2004
1) The expression of a loss of interest in something or someone.

2) The indication that a negative event is no longer bothersome to someone.
1) I thought that Bud Light was great beer when I started drinking, but now I'm over it.

2) I suffered for days after she broke up with me, but I'm over it now.
by Webster April 20, 2004
By no means am I over it.
"Sorry I made porn with your sister on our wedding day."
"Whatever, I'm over it."
by my uterus and i September 26, 2005
I don't care anymore.
"Sorry about standing you up Saturday night"

"It's cool, I'm over it"
by Booty April 29, 2004
01. To forget something.
02. No longer affected by a past event.
03. I find someone new, I'm over you, I'm over it.

I don't feel anything anymore, if you think I'm still hating you (or loving you), dudette I'm over it!
John: I'm over you
John: I'm over it!
by Believe in Me April 27, 2004
phrase used when giving up on a certain task; normally used by stoners.

person 1: have you done that math homework yet

person 2: nah Im over it.

*after losing 10 rounds of online halo*

person 1: Im so over this!
by Doublee7300 February 28, 2009
An expression used when someone is tired of talking about something; another way of saying, "Ok, this conversation is pointless, let's talk about something else."
Sally: Oh my God, Pam is sooooo annoying. She always....

15 Minutes later

Sally: I can't believe that anyone could be as annoying as her...
Donna: Yeah. Well, I'm over it.
by zanny May 27, 2004
Something you say when something like a break-up with your girl-/boy-freind and you've supposedly forgotten about it and have moved on. Yeah right...
Joe: Dude, you all right? I heard Shelly dumped you last night...
John: Nah, I'm over it...
by NtAt April 26, 2004