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Something you say when something like a break-up with your girl-/boy-freind and you've supposedly forgotten about it and have moved on. Yeah right...
Joe: Dude, you all right? I heard Shelly dumped you last night...
John: Nah, I'm over it...
by NtAt April 26, 2004
It means "I am ready"
"There's a paintballing war over at Justin's? I am game!"

"We're going out to pick up some chicks? Hell yeah, I am game!"
by NtAt April 26, 2004
Fake bling bling.
Jim: Hey John check out my new bling bling! John: WTHthat's just a 15 dollar watch from Walmart! That's just fling fling fool!
by NtAt May 21, 2004
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