A particularly noisy and destructive type of talking primate, having long since forgotten its place in the scheme of things, which is currently set about the task of permanently altering the biosphere of Earth in order to render it incapable of supporting life.

This talking primate alone suffers from a debilitating kind of self-reinforcing gullibility and delusion that results in an almost immovable self-importance and dualism. This condition causes humans to over-populate, over-consume and render their own environment uninhabitable.

It is theorised that humans, so afflicted, are attempting to self-soothe their collective unhappiness by committing mass suicide. Two such attempts are recorded in their recent history. Success in this effort would secure the place of humans in the category of "evolutionary cul-de-sac."

A small minority of humans exist in varying states of liberation from this delusional state. However, said minority is generally ignored by the larger civilization.
If you're annoyed by this definition, it's because you're a human.
by Zontar the Destructor February 27, 2004
1. Members of the species homo sapiens.

2. The members of the species homo sapiens taken as a group. While not the most numerous species either in individual number or in biomass, they consider themselves the dominant species of their planet, which the majority of them call "Earth." This claim is quite possibly justified, seeing as they have covered a great deal of it with their own constructions, never realizing that they are destroying many of the resources they depend upon in the process.

Many of them believe they were created by some sort of god, however, few agree upon exactly what form this god takes nor what his opinions on certain matters are.

Essentially, a bunch of mother fuckers who think they're leet haxors just because they've progressed so far that they have the nuclear capabilities blow up the Earth, and yet still can't manage to live on the same planet without starting a few hundred wars a year, consuming the natural resources they depend upon without heed for their future, mistreating each other for various superficial reasons such as race or ethnic group or in some cases for no reason at all, and continually complaining about the problems they've created for themselves.
1. Hey, look! Some humans!

2. Humans are pretty stupid, aren't they?
by Daedalus October 10, 2004
Craziest, Weirdest creatures God ever made. They are stupid and clumsy. All they do is kill other animals, kill each other and them selves, use each other as sex toys and then they fight about religion, ethnicity, and race. Oh ooh, “wigger” “WIGGER!” eh, UH! Wapanese, WAPANESE! DAMN! A human is a fucking human! Who fucking gives a shit about race? Is that all humans do? Insult each other, kill each other… They sure as hell not getting as far as we are. They’re too busy making fools of themselves.
Human: Stupid...

Alien: You think everything is stupid.
by Anonymous pig June 30, 2004
Despite religion and moral values, we have NO reason for considering ourselves above other animals.

Other animals participate in the global cycle, in which all resources are recycled and used again.

Humans can only unbalance this equilibrium and consume resources without replenishing them.
Humans are a burden to the planet.
by XeL March 09, 2005
God's biggest mastake of all.
God: I think I will make Humans...

* Then the first Human was born *

God: OH SHIT!!
by FlameAssassin February 22, 2005
Although one of the weaker creatures, they managed to survive by using their intelligence instead of their strenght... most wild creatures.. even an pig can take on an human easily but humans have outsmarted other creatures and conquered the world..
by Alessio October 20, 2003
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