1. A sick, retarded, and idiotic species whose degree of intelligence makes life and reality worse off than it could be.

2. Something racists just can't realize.

3. The root of all problems.
1. Martian: Dude, the humans just started another war over a puddle of water.

Other Martian: Really? Last week it was a tree, they are really embarrassing themselves.

Martians: Yeah, but still, they make nice fireworks.

2. If I think on it long enough, I'll feel like shit knowing what our reality looks like...
by idonthavaname August 02, 2006
Very clever(?) parasites that manage not only to manipulate other lifeforms in order to fulfil their ever expanding desires, but also to brainwash themselves into believing that they are doing this for the good of these others.
"I enjoy hanging out with him when there is nobody else available, not because his pathetic existence makes me feel better about mine, and not because I am afraid of being alone,..... it's because we're friends and I think he needs company"
by Daffy August 16, 2005
The greatest species to have evolved on the planet Earth. Only species to have developed coherent thought, conscience, faith, and the ability to destroy every last one of itself and the planet it inhabits. Only species to reach to the stars and land on the moon. Greedy, selfish, self-serving, and yet kind, compassionate, and edifying. Driven by hate, love, and power. Has the power to create and the power to destroy. Once humanity settles other stellar objects it will likely never go extinct.

Beyond the natural 'necessities' to survive and reproduce, every human's ultimate purpose is to further the spread of humanity and civilization to every corner of the Earth and the universe. Aggressive to a fault, and too intelligent for it's own good; however, some day, it may save the Earth that so long endured punishment at the hands of the human cancer. Humanity is not a plague. Western society is. However, it is the only way, and progress comes at a price. Some day the Earth will fully heal.

Intelligence is a gift to homo sapiens, the thinking man. However much we may abuse it it is better for good than evil, and some day it will shine through.
Humanity is beyond good and evil, since every individual is neither a saint nor a devil. These things we exist for are petty compared to the furtherment of advance and progress. Humanity is stupid. People are stupid. A person is smart. Democracy leads to this excess and waste, the destruction of the planet, because of the assumption, that a million people, are smarter than one.
by Davey August 21, 2004
Easily sucked into the Abyss of their own Profane Madness, they are delicate, feeble, and power-hungry savages that live only to breed and to pass on their pathetic genes to the next generation in order to ensure their own existence.
by Moondust August 12, 2003
A race on "Earth", that makes it's way through all there is by enslaving or destroying anyone or anything in it's way.
Claims to be civilised and moral, but fails to demonstrate it through it's actions.
Also is not to be trusted. These humans will betray you or anyne else if it serves their purpose.
Suffers from a severe superiority complex.
Look at me dad, i am crawling into space. I am only just here because it has taken me this lng to get enough money because of rules i created. Whoops, said too much!!
by Chacotay September 07, 2003
A large planetary parasitic species in which the parasite slowly destroys the Earth bit by bit. Comparable to parasites such as malaria on the macroscopic level.
Humans log a large amount of wood from heavy photosynthesis areas such as the tropics, which used to contribute over 20% of all of the Earth's oxygen production.
by Thnikkaman3000 February 15, 2005
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