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Anyone below the age of 18 (or 21, in some circles.) Don't listen to the idiotic fools who hate on little kids because they think it's "hip and cool".
Adult: "lawlz i r teh 1337 adult cuz i h8 kidz"

Kid: "I thought that you got SMARTER when you got older."
by Smithkakarot August 03, 2006
1. A somewhat cool character in Mortal Kombat. The "god of thunder" ("Raiden" means "fighting thunder," or "thunderbolt," in Japanese.)

2. The player character in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. No, people, Raiden was NOT the "main character". Kojima says that it was like one of those Sherlock Holmes novels: the main character is Holmes, while the narrator is his assistant, Watson. Raiden was disliked in America, due to his effeminate appearance, "gayness" (he's got a girlfriend people, wake up) and "replacing" of Snake. In actuality, quite a good character, considering being more believable than Snake, I.E. showing some personality.
1. The god of thunder will kick your ass.

2. Raiden's a great addition to the Metal Gear series. Accept it, you tards.
by Smithkakarot March 17, 2007
The best game ever. Well-recieved for its excellent plot and philosophical/cyberpunk themes such as censorship, memes, the problems with democracy, information control, and the nature of reality.

This time, the player character is Raiden, who wasn't well-recieved by American audiences, but is in fact an excellent character. Besides, he was a trained killer at age 6. Isn't that badass enough?
Metal Gear Solid 2 is the best game that humanity has to offer.
by Smithkakarot July 26, 2007
A bunch of emo faggots that go on Urban Dictionary and act negative all the time.
li3k zomg i h8 t3h human r4c3 even tho im one of them!!1
by Smithkakarot June 30, 2010
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