A spiritually insane, emotinally retarded, and megalomaniacal primate with an immense inferiority complex. It is ill-suited to survive in its environment, so instead of adapting as other species it changes the environment, for ill of everything including itself. It is a species that will surely go extinct in the next thousand years, a victim of its vaulting own success.
Don't blame us, we're only human.
by Killing Kittens May 19, 2004
At first glance, you may think this primate is basically evil on two feet. Only at closer inspection would you realize that while evil usually is accompanied by a tiny bit of intelligence, humans are lacking in that. Therefore we must come to the conclusion that humans are, in fact, just big stupid moneys with technology.
Look at the big retarded monkey with a nuclear bomb! Wait, that's a prominant world figure.
by Me May 04, 2005
Not the sharpest tool in the box

A rather frustrating carbon based bipedal lifeform that inhabits the third planet from the sun.
Has created many great civilisations and then smashed them up.
Will fight anything different from them which doesnt bode well for when extraterrestrials try to contact them
'Dont go to Earth its got Human beings'


Red Dwarf 1988
by bigmeuprudeboy September 12, 2003
A species who, when stabbed in the face, will both bleed and scream.
Some guy gets stabbed in the face and bleeds and screams
by Some guy October 19, 2004
We will bury you, pathetic human scum!
Disgusting humans will be enslaved!
by Martian Conquistador February 05, 2004
See: Stupid
See: Evil
See: Hingo
"Humans are stupid."
"Humans are evil."
"Humans like Hingo."
by Gary September 07, 2004
Human (n.): A race with the capabality of intelligence, which has more disadvantages than advantages. The ability to imagine makes the species greedy, and in turn kills itself off. The race lives on the planet Earth and will soon destroy itself and possibly the planet along with it.

When not loved enough, the human will act in evil ways only for the purpose of making oneself feeling superior.
I hate being human.

Being in the army is de-humanizing.
by Aaron July 05, 2003

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