Human (n.): A race with the capabality of intelligence, which has more disadvantages than advantages. The ability to imagine makes the species greedy, and in turn kills itself off. The race lives on the planet Earth and will soon destroy itself and possibly the planet along with it.

When not loved enough, the human will act in evil ways only for the purpose of making oneself feeling superior.
I hate being human.

Being in the army is de-humanizing.
by Aaron July 05, 2003
an inferior species that lives mainly on planet earth
hey look! those stupid humans are trying to get into space!
by i dunno April 23, 2003
superior speices on planet tellus (earth). Existed for about 10000 years++. Have invented fire, internet, hamburgers, pizza, electolux vacumcleaners, dollars.
Killing each other for money and power.
by T May 27, 2003
The only animal species that likes to believe that giant people in robes created them and that they must worship them. They then start "Wars" over which of these giant people in robes are the best. They are very hostile and will attack or hump anything that moves. Just like all mammals, the human has mamory glands a.k.a: tits. The difference is, humans are obsessed with these tits and some are even obsessed with the tits of other animals. We call these people "Biologists".
Cow: Here comes that dumb human whos gonna feel my tits again.

Monkey in a zoo: Hey! That human is picking its nose!

Human Female: I have tits!
Human Males: *drool* Woah!
Fat Human Male: Me too!
Human Males: *drool* Woah!
by Me and You August 18, 2006
Organisms who will be responcible for global destruction.
humans = kill hungry
by Troy December 06, 2003
1.)S.T.U.P.I.D. (Something The Underworld Puked Into Destiny...)

2.) An Insualt to any other animal in existence.

3.) God's way of dilapadating and destroying Earth.

4.) What scientests believe seperate them from "animals" (which humans are to) is the fact they have emotions. (THAT PISSES ME OFF THE MOST)

5.) Last but not least, God punishing the Earth, for unknown reasons...
1.) *BARF* Its a boy!

2.) Dude, you're such a human! *gunshot*

3.) (God): Hmm...alright, Kill the Dinos, I got a new way for the Earth to Pay *snicker*

4.)You kick a dog, it might bite your head off, or run away crying, THAT WAS A PERFECT DISPLAY OF EMOTION!!!

5.) (Earth): Nooooo! Im sorry I made Mars jealous of color!!! What will you do?!

(God):Put humans on your planet.

(Earth): MERCY! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!1
by Miles "Tails" Prower November 09, 2004
A useless covering of bones, flesh, and hormone producing organs that surround the most complex object in the universe.
All humans could be good if they didn't let their hormone originated emotions create war, fanatical patriotism, crime, neo-feminists, and soccer riots.
by George September 14, 2003

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