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hongers.. not all hongers are what you guys are saying.. gold hair.. gay cloths.. cocky cars.. I know what I you guys mean.. I am a honger myself.. I dont have gay cloths.. but I do have gold hair be4.. but now its black.. since its kooler.. what you guys are mistaken is.. MK hongers.. MK as in (Mok kok) a street name in hk.. for the ppl you guys talk about.. they often get laughed at.. for their hair and clothing and they are mostly the ones you see in canada that uses a new cell phone everyday.. so.. MK hongers are different than other hongers...
Mok Kok (MK) honger : funny hair, converse shoes, ugly pants, trying to act so high class,if they wear glasses.. its often so thick like a brick, lots of earrings, clothing like a hobo, weird cell phones

normal Honger : hmm clothing.. I guess you can say.. normal, hair colour.. black,brown.. thoese ones.. often not pink and stuff, still uses those la,ar,wa endings, often can speak little english...
by hide November 11, 2004

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