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A person with an exceptional large penis. If you want to be specific, Mok is used appropriately if a person has a penis longer than 8 inches. The population of "Mok" is small, this is a group of people originally from the Far East.
Mok is hung like a honkey.
by Big Willie_34 May 19, 2005
(sometimes spelled "mokes") large hawaiian guyz with bigass muscles and tattoos. they hate tourists and own at least forty t shirts that say "hawai'i no'ko'oi" (hawaii is the best). haoles cannot be moks, no matter wat u heard. i am haole and even tho i live in maui, smoke lotsa weed, hate tourists, speak some pidgin, surf a lot, eat spam with every meal, own 7 pairs of rubbah slippahs, have a separate circuit braker for my rice cooker, and drive a pickup (these are all traits of mokes) i am not a moke.
O shit braddah! u wen dented dat one moks truck! he gonna kick u ass alova da place now! u don foked UP brah!
by who the fuck knows? January 26, 2006
beyound coolness.
intense gamer and mario lover.
has a love for mario kart racing N64 style.
May be known to have random spazzes.
omg mok, your such a mok!
by smokk December 15, 2008
although a Mok refers to a man with a large penis it was used to refer to a certain group of people at one time. Some time B4 Christ, the Jews exiled a group of people they referred to as Moks. On there departure the towns people lined up in the streets and would poke fun at the Moks hence the word "mocking". Later conflict would arise between the two group but many ancient history leaves these invents untouched due to there graphic and insignificant outcomes.
_Hey Lou you heard about the Moks and the Jews?
Nah... who where they?
_I don't know, i though you would know since your Jewish?
Nope ill ask my parents tonight.
by MJFigs March 14, 2011
Used in South Africa, meaning to vomit.
Jesus bru, after I downed that tequila last night I sommer wanted to mok!
by Robmanman August 27, 2007
The noisy and raucous exchange between one or more crows and one or more cows.
Would you listen to all of that mok out there? Sometimes I wish we had never moved here to Golden Guernsey Acres.
by Michael Ely January 27, 2004
Mok is used in Austalia as a synonym for dogass
did you se the dog? he was fucked in his mok
by scileri August 06, 2009
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