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1 definition by Multi-cultralism?

A person who is a honger does NOT have to have been born in Hong Kong but are usually of an asian race. Hongers are usually interested in the fashions and music of H.K and don't necessary speak chinse 24/7. Not all hongers are rich spoiled brats that fling there money everywhere and spend it lavishly on cell phones or clothes. He/She doesn't have to be horrible in english or permantly resides in ESL classes. The 'weird clothes' in my opinion are actually quite nice, and the clothes that are actually being sold now in english malls are actually the same as the style that was 'in' in HK last year or two years ago. If you're dissing honger clothes, then you're dissing the popular and 'in' clothes that you buy from english malls. Many of the definitions here diss hongers and i'm assuming that the authors of these definitions come from english speaking countries which are probably the U.S and Canada. If it is, isn't the U.S and Canada supposed to be supportive of multi-cultralism? If it is, then these dissers are the ones who don't belong to these countries and not the hongers. At least hongers don't diss other cultures. Everyone is free to express there own cultures and background and shouldn't feel ashamed of it.
i'm a honger, but i'm a CBC. I still listen to english songs even though i may listen to chinse songs for a longer part of the time. I also get A's in many subjects including english and i don't get huge amounts of money to spend.
by Multi-cultralism? April 25, 2005