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When a stupid ass man falls in love with a woman who always has and always will be a slut. Yet, he believes he is the one to change her, only to find out she is fucking all his friends.
Billie: Man, have you seen Jason?

Jeremy: Nah, he's got a major homance going on with his new girl.

Billie: For real?

Jeremy: Ya, I fucked her last night.
by Mity J October 26, 2006
the act of falling in love with a prostitute
My favorite example of homance is between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in the cheesy 90s movie 'Pretty Woman'.
by KozmikDude May 10, 2009
Describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight females.
Dani - Did you see the newest Harry Potter trailer I sent you?"

Amanda - Yes, thanks.You're a wonderful friend. And a ho.

Dani - This is some serious homance.

by xransonx August 13, 2008
A strictly platonic relationship between two straight chicks.
Pretty much a bromance without the penises.
Tori- Hey linds, have you seen the new Harry Potter movie?

Lindsay- No, not yet. We should go together.


Mimmi- I smell a homance!
by DaisyCera May 14, 2009
a romance that involves 2 or more girls. Like a bromance, a romance between guys
Jen and Michele have a homance, they always hang out with each other.
by Signs that Laugh December 11, 2009
Just like a 'bromance' but for girls. when you and your girlfriends are just so open and real with each other that you have the love for them.. just not sexual.
seriously dude, those girls are always together, as if they had a homance...
by xxx1234 November 30, 2010
A genre of film, the word is adapted from the Romance genre, its essentially the same but more hardcore and without sentimental bits. Adult entertainment films, porn, specifically involving ladies or hoes
Hey I watched some fine Homance the other day, it was this film called Debbie Does Dallas
by Russell Russell Love Muscle June 08, 2010