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The relationship between a Pimp and his Ho.
"Phatman and Sugar are fully in a Homance"

"The shadows in the alley hid the fact that Sapphire only had 4 teeth. A rat scuttered across his foot and the Homance of the situation wasn't lost on the Phatman"

"Their Homance is built on dollar bills for cheap thrills"

"it's so Homantic the way Phatman uses his pimp hand on Angel"

"Homance is love on the streets"
by grogboy January 14, 2011
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A "Homance" is the female equivalent of a Bromance. A homance is a strong love between two straight females, the relationship can be described as closer than friends but less than a dating relationship.
Man Ashley and Kristen have such a Homance!
-We aren't Lesbians, We're bestfriends! We're a Homance!
by K10_11 July 26, 2010
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The female equivilent of a bromance. Describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight females.
Aubrey and Caitlin are the best of friends...they do everything together. They eat, go to the bathroom, shop, talk, and occasionally sleep together...every man around then secretly wonders if they've ever made out...they have a trademark ho'mance.
by AubreyBug January 06, 2010
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strictly plutonic relationship of two very close girlfriends.
Margaret and Gertrude had a fifty year homance.
by *samIam* January 04, 2008
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When 2 straight females have a really close friendship with strong love and affection towards one another. It is like a bromance for females... The word originated when Shannon Marsh needed a better word to describe her friendship with Jackie Finn.

Versatile. Homance can be used as a verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, or any other part of speech.
"Wow, Jackie and Shannon talk non-stop and have become really close"
"I know, they have a total homance going on"

"I homance love you"

"I am homance excited for CMU's Homecoming Tailgate"

"Homance on over to the bar and get us some shots"
by Private48858 September 17, 2009
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The unbreakable relationship between females. Similar to a bromance.
Their homance saw them through tough times.
by KelseyLee January 24, 2009
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When you have romantic relations with someone in which you don't wish to really romance. A "just sex" romance, if you will. Taking a girl out to wine and dine her = romance. Taking a girl home after a night out = homance
"I'm in the club looking for homance, not romance. Here you don't have to buy dinner to get laid ... just drinks and a cab ride home maybe. Homantic relationships are more economical, and well ... this is a bad economy"
by The Cason-Point March 21, 2010
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