A genre of film, the word is adapted from the Romance genre, its essentially the same but more hardcore and without sentimental bits. Adult entertainment films, porn, specifically involving ladies or hoes
Hey I watched some fine Homance the other day, it was this film called Debbie Does Dallas
by Russell Russell Love Muscle June 08, 2010
The female equivalent of a 'bromance'.
"We're best friends! We totally have a homance!"
by LADecekr March 28, 2010
A romance between women in a non-sexual way. It's the female version of "bromance".
Ally and Mindy are obsessed with each other, they hang out allllll the time, it's like a homance or something
by Alexandra Flahive December 30, 2009
The female version of "Bromance"
Danielle and Megan share much more than an average friendship, they've formed a homance.
by PodLife June 17, 2009
A homosexual romance.
Will you be in a homance with me?
by jaydawg3000 April 29, 2009
It is when a milk man gets his hoo hoo stuck in the milk bottle at work.
My wife found out I was having a homance at work. She was devistated.
by wglr13mwz March 29, 2011
A bromance between a gay man and a lesbian

A Friendship that would be considered a bromance between two men, only between a gay man and a lesbian
"Sweetie what we have is a homance"
"Why not a bromance?"
"Because I'm gay and your a lesbian"
by coolcat. July 07, 2012

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