a romance that involves 2 or more girls. Like a bromance, a romance between guys
Jen and Michele have a homance, they always hang out with each other.
by Signs that Laugh December 11, 2009
The female equivalent of a 'bromance'.
"We're best friends! We totally have a homance!"
by LADecekr March 28, 2010
A romance between women in a non-sexual way. It's the female version of "bromance".
Ally and Mindy are obsessed with each other, they hang out allllll the time, it's like a homance or something
by Alexandra Flahive December 30, 2009
The female version of "Bromance"
Danielle and Megan share much more than an average friendship, they've formed a homance.
by PodLife June 17, 2009
A homosexual romance.
Will you be in a homance with me?
by jaydawg3000 April 29, 2009
It is when a milk man gets his hoo hoo stuck in the milk bottle at work.
My wife found out I was having a homance at work. She was devistated.
by wglr13mwz March 29, 2011
A bromance between a gay man and a lesbian

A Friendship that would be considered a bromance between two men, only between a gay man and a lesbian
"Sweetie what we have is a homance"
"Why not a bromance?"
"Because I'm gay and your a lesbian"
by coolcat. July 07, 2012

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