a platonic love strictly defined by the mutual affection of two salacious women.
"Those two slutbags have been hanging out a lot lately. They have quite a homance brewing."
by homance advocates January 05, 2010
The unbreakable relationship between females. Similar to a bromance.
Their homance saw them through tough times.
by KelseyLee January 24, 2009
When 2 straight females have a really close friendship with strong love and affection towards one another. It is like a bromance for females... The word originated when Shannon Marsh needed a better word to describe her friendship with Jackie Finn.

Versatile. Homance can be used as a verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, or any other part of speech.
"Wow, Jackie and Shannon talk non-stop and have become really close"
"I know, they have a total homance going on"

"I homance love you"

"I am homance excited for CMU's Homecoming Tailgate"

"Homance on over to the bar and get us some shots"
by Private48858 September 17, 2009
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