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A person, usually a male... obviously, that has an intense appreciation of alcoholic beverages (grog). They are not necessarily an alcoholic but just really enjoys drinking grog.
Mate, Johno is a full on grogboy.

He's always got a drink in his hand, he's such a grogboy.

Brian's got a fully stocked bar, he's a legendary grogboy.

He's partying every night like a hardcore grogboy.

Jack Sparrow is a poster-boy for grogboys.
by grogboy March 17, 2011
The study of Pirates and Pirate related things. May also refer to a spiritual belief system espoused by the Church of Pirateology in which they believe that living like a Pirate will improve your life immeasurably.
John is so into reading about Pirates, he is a Pirateologist.

I love Pirateology. I have learnt all I can about Pirates.

I believe in Pirateology as since I've become a Pirate my life has got so much better.
by grogboy August 12, 2011
The relationship between a Pimp and his Ho.
"Phatman and Sugar are fully in a Homance"

"The shadows in the alley hid the fact that Sapphire only had 4 teeth. A rat scuttered across his foot and the Homance of the situation wasn't lost on the Phatman"

"Their Homance is built on dollar bills for cheap thrills"

"it's so Homantic the way Phatman uses his pimp hand on Angel"

"Homance is love on the streets"
by grogboy January 14, 2011
Receiving 15 minutes of fame through committing terrible acts.

Originating from the Kony 2012 movement that highlights the actions of Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony.

Although this is currently massively popular it will disappear without a trace when the next "big cause" for people who like to "like" causes on facebook comes along.
Others that have or are experiencing a Kony moment are: *Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik
*Justin Bieber
by grogboy March 22, 2012
Combining the term "bucketloads" (slang for "a lot" or "heaps" ie: a large quantity) and "fuck". Meaning: Fucking Lots or a very large Fucking Quantity.
We drank Fucketloads of beer last night.

That chick has Fucketloads of attitude.

Bec is Fucketloads funny.

I want Fucketloads of money and I will waste it on Fucketloads of shit.
by grogboy April 25, 2014

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