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To go home at lunchtime from your office or place of work, and have a cheeky wank followed by a minimum of 30 minutes sleep.
Steve: "I'm off home for a Lind boys!"
Vince: "Ahhh smashien lind, catch you later boy!"
by Gayreth Howell June 08, 2009
a girl who likes to transict
Avery: oh look linds just signed on
Ashton: she probably just got back from another transiction
Katie: i heard she transicts 2000+ a year now!
by holycrapitsnotavery January 10, 2010
1.a nickname for those named Lindsey
2.what the people closest to a Lindsey call her (or him)
Lindsey Linds Linz

"hey linds whats up?"
by llouwho June 18, 2008
Did you want to grab a coffee and get jiggy with it RIGHT NOW!!
Did you want to Lind tonight? you bet I'm down
by The lind master May 10, 2011
Word used to greet close friends. Mainly used by males.
Alright 'Lind' hows it going?
Ahhh Lind!?
by Bennie 'L' August 24, 2006

1) Linds
proper pronoun (pl. Linds, or Lindses)
Original and traditional spelling of Lindsay
See also Smeagol

2) Linds
proper pronoun
Protagonist in Pokémon Red
Compare to Linds(3)

3) Linds
proper pronoun
Antagonist in Pokémon Blue
Compare to Linds(2)

4) Linds
Brand of bowling ball


Distinct from Linz and Lynz; Linds is the proper variation in all cases.

The L can slurred for no longer than one second. For example, Lllllllinds. Note: when slurring the L, ensure to pause briefly before the first L is sounded and the S should sound like a Z.
Hey Lllllinds. Looks like your bowling with a Lllllinds-brand bowling ball. Think you can break 88 tonight?
by Pawwl February 04, 2010
i know you put that hot ass bitch definition in there dont lie loser

by Anonymous September 23, 2003
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