even though hitler did alot of bad things for this world, he did some good, he created the autobahn which the US freeways are based off of, the man had an amazing ability to lead a group as a leader, he didnt always do the right thing, but influinced the world in a big way
hitler crated the autobahn, the us freeways are based off of it
by Ryan Squillace April 07, 2006
A person who needs a hug, someone who needs to watch more Barney & Friends.
But ended up killing lots of people for no reason.
Girl A: Awwww that kid looks so sad.
Girl B: Screw him, he's a fag
Hitler: Runs away
20 years later
Girl A: Why are we in this stupid place
Girl B: I don't know, it sure is cramped
Hitler: DIE!
Poisoness Gas is released
by Reaper25 May 12, 2008
A demonized man that worked for the betterment of Germany. He achieved a number of great things, such as Germanies first highway the autobon(sp?).
Hitlers Government discovered smoking was a serious health concern long, long, long before western democracies began to take the hints of notice about smoking. It also took steps to ensure their women knew about the dangers of smoking to their unborn children.
by Josh01 June 18, 2005
Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933, and then became "Führer" of Germany from 1934 until he died. He was the party leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party a.k.a Nazi's. Most could argue he was a damn good leader up until the Holocaust. Then he and his Nazi Party probably got into heroin, and did some stupid shit. Evil, evil, shit. Some, however, deny the holocaust ever happened and claim it was one big conspiracy. We call these people assholes. Others attempt to carry out Hitlers Aryan legacy. We call these people rednecks.
Damn, that Hitler dude is a cunt.
by Tom Foolery 12 February 02, 2007
Evil genius who taught the United States of America how to fight! Blitzkrieg!!!!!!!!
Example A: Hitler sent his planes in first to bomb the enemy, then he send in the armor column, and last his infantry.

Example B: America used that tactic in Vietnam, Desert-Storm, and War on Terror.
by IvanSlockavich March 08, 2010
A freaking genius, but with warped values.
Person 1-'Hitler was all bad.'
Person 2-'Um, actually, he did many good things. He got everybody back to work during the depression. He also gave youth something to look forward to. He also cut a man's penis off if he did anyting wrong (sexually) towards a woman. Okay, sure, I don't agree with the killing of the Jews, but still, maybe research things before you make assumptions. And also, he was born in Western Germany, not Austria.'
by Peopleneedtoshuttheeffup August 12, 2010
A vegetarian who was rejected from art school twice. He is recognized as one of the most (if not the most) influential public speakers.
That hipster in Speech and Debater reminds me a lot of Hitler
by Kakhak December 24, 2010
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