Dictator of the Third Reich. Many people now a days consider him the epitome of evil, and, especially in the Americans' case, think that he still exists and is the only form of evil.
American: Hitler was so bad! He killed 6 million Jews and should die and should be punished and he was so evil he was the most evil man in the world and in history!!!!1111one11!!1

Educated Person: No, he killed no more than 23 million people, including Jews, Negros, Slavs, Communists, overzealous Christians, Homosexual's, and other political dissidents. Stalin killed at least 30 million, and Mao Zedong killed atl east 50 million. The Americans have killed at least 120 Native Americans. Hitler was NOT the most evil person in history. Why should we obsess over a deceased man when there is so much more evil in the world today?
by PINGAS September 23, 2008
The leader of the most notorious gang in history.
Hitler led the Nazi Party, the most notorious gang in history, way stronger than the gangs at the present time. THe Nazi Party conquered countries! Let alone neighborhoods.
by AnnaAndHai May 03, 2007
Hitler is just a name.
But this name means in effect to the world:
60.000.000 dead in world war II
_7.500.000 dead per every single year of this war
___625.000 dead per every single month of this war
___144.230 dead per every single week of this war
____20.548 dead per every single day of this war
_______856 dead per every single hour of this war
________14 dead per every single minute of this war
If you want to imagine what Hitler means to the world
you've just try to kill 14 people per minute. try it once or twice. or about 8 years...
stop talking about the autobahn.
If you talk about Hitler stop talking about the autobahn.
by Meikel March 27, 2007
even though hitler did alot of bad things for this world, he did some good, he created the autobahn which the US freeways are based off of, the man had an amazing ability to lead a group as a leader, he didnt always do the right thing, but influinced the world in a big way
hitler crated the autobahn, the us freeways are based off of it
by Ryan Squillace April 07, 2006
A vegetarian who was rejected from art school twice. He is recognized as one of the most (if not the most) influential public speakers.
That hipster in Speech and Debater reminds me a lot of Hitler
by Kakhak December 24, 2010
Evil genius who taught the United States of America how to fight! Blitzkrieg!!!!!!!!
Example A: Hitler sent his planes in first to bomb the enemy, then he send in the armor column, and last his infantry.

Example B: America used that tactic in Vietnam, Desert-Storm, and War on Terror.
by IvanSlockavich March 08, 2010
A demonized man that worked for the betterment of Germany. He achieved a number of great things, such as Germanies first highway the autobon(sp?).
Hitlers Government discovered smoking was a serious health concern long, long, long before western democracies began to take the hints of notice about smoking. It also took steps to ensure their women knew about the dangers of smoking to their unborn children.
by Josh01 June 18, 2005

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