One of the most world-wide known cases of bullying. Hitler wanted to help Germany gain some land, and other countries bullied him into suicide.
United States: Hey Hitler, you suck!
Britain: Yeah, douchebag!

Russia: Go kill yourself!
Hitler: Okay :( *Shoots himself*
by MLPJustin March 12, 2013
A very nice person towards communists and jewish people. his send a lot of jewish people to nice place.
Jewish kid: Hi
Hitler: hello, would you like to go to a nice place?
Jewish kid: ok.
Hitler: then go with the nice man with the ss symbol on his shirt.
Jewish kid: :)
by jkjkjkjkjkjk1337 December 23, 2010
A crazy man with a wierd mustache . started WW2 in 1939 . killed millions of Jews and other Europeans . he wanted to rule the whole world but was eventually stopped . When he knew he was finally going to lose, he committed scuicide with his girlfriend, (yessir, he had a girl) whose name escapes my mind at the moment .
Guy 1: "wow, hitler was a f*cking nutcase ."

Guy 2:"i know . if he was still around, id shave off his stupid mustche and dip him in hot oil and stuff ..."

Guy 1: "......... okay ..."
by rawr fear me January 24, 2009
The guy who ruined a beautiful name, surname, and a sexy fucking moustachio.
"hey nice name Adolf Hitler."
"fuck you, at least I don't have a nazi moustachio."
by Soccerboy281 December 18, 2014
A guy in the 1930s who really fucked up Europe.
Hitler is the best.
by Flawless Hitler December 08, 2014
A man you can compare anyone or anything you don't like to.

Do you disagree with someone? Is it especially concerning political views? Hitler is the ever-convenient figure you can always compare them to! Hitler's Nazi regime murdered 6 million Jews, and was responsible for the deaths of over 50 million people in World War II, making him the ultimate embodiment of human evil. But don't let those heavy details keep you from comparing him to anyone you disagree with, no matter how blatantly ignorant of history and disrespectful of his victims it makes you look.

Think government health care is wrong? No problem! Compare its proponents to Hitler. Does drilling oil offshore and in Alaska get under your skin? Just play the good old Hitler card against the drilling supporters. Hell, the comparison even works with rival sports teams you don’t like.

Photos of people you don't like or agree with can easily be "Hitlerized" with the simple addition of a small mustache and swept bangs on the forehead.
President Bush/Obama is just like Hitler because he started a war/gives good speeches.
by Crixxxx January 18, 2011
He may be the worst person to ever live, but he's also the best rapper.
A rap from Hitler himself:

Torture or death
UNLESS you like jews
And if you are a jew
I'm like mussolini but stranger
When you mess with me your in danger
I'm gonna shove you ina gas chamber
part 2 coming soon!

AYEEEEEEE! zank you!

Yo This is rap no2 incase ya cant count
if your still confuzed i will gas you out
my name is mc hitler the dreaded dictator
the exterminator
but no longer do i persicute jews
I'm out ta get me some NOOBS
I'm gonna lure them in with my low post number
I may get knocked down but i'll get up like chumbawumba
With fists like thunder
i'll be draggin' noobs under
And dont you worry i'll make no blunders
I'm gonna harvest the noobs
liquidate them, shove them in tubes
and for years to come
they'll be used as lubes

by oh snap! January 15, 2006

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