A unit used to measure the degree of a mass genocide. The typical conversion is 1 Hitler = 6,000,000 deaths.
for futher refrence stalin is rated at about 3 hitlers
by god of the interwebzytyt78u November 08, 2012
Hitler was an equal opportunities campaigner and is largely credited for the invention of so-called positive discrimination/affirmative action although he is thought by some to have taken political correctness way to far. Hitler’s political system was known PC (political correct) fascism or PC Nazism.
Hitler 's ideas are PC fascism gone mad.

You are a Politically Correct Nazi Fascist.
by Aranz February 25, 2009
Great leader who managed to take over a government and almost took over Europe. For this he should get the "crazy military leader of the forever award."
Hitler was a Bad Ass who most people refer to him as "crazy" but you have to ask yourself "WWHD" What Would Hitler Do?
by Scott on the hill November 04, 2007
A guy in the 1930s who really fucked up Europe.
Hitler is the best.
by Flawless Hitler December 08, 2014
The commonly used practice of ending a thread on a newsgroup or message board by mentioning Hitler. See Godwin's Law
"As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one."
by Elfpvke June 05, 2005
Hitler is just a name.
But this name means in effect to the world:
60.000.000 dead in world war II
_7.500.000 dead per every single year of this war
___625.000 dead per every single month of this war
___144.230 dead per every single week of this war
____20.548 dead per every single day of this war
_______856 dead per every single hour of this war
________14 dead per every single minute of this war
If you want to imagine what Hitler means to the world
you've just try to kill 14 people per minute. try it once or twice. or about 8 years...
stop talking about the autobahn.
If you talk about Hitler stop talking about the autobahn.
by Meikel March 27, 2007
A very nice person towards communists and jewish people. his send a lot of jewish people to nice place.
Jewish kid: Hi
Hitler: hello, would you like to go to a nice place?
Jewish kid: ok.
Hitler: then go with the nice man with the ss symbol on his shirt.
Jewish kid: :)
by jkjkjkjkjkjk1337 December 23, 2010
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