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A demonized man that worked for the betterment of Germany. He achieved a number of great things, such as Germanies first highway the autobon(sp?).
Hitlers Government discovered smoking was a serious health concern long, long, long before western democracies began to take the hints of notice about smoking. It also took steps to ensure their women knew about the dangers of smoking to their unborn children.
by Josh01 June 18, 2005
The commonly used practice of ending a thread on a newsgroup or message board by mentioning Hitler. See Godwin's Law
"As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one."
by Elfpvke June 05, 2005
A unit used to measure the degree of a mass genocide. The typical conversion is 1 Hitler = 6,000,000 deaths.
for futher refrence stalin is rated at about 3 hitlers
by god of the interwebzytyt78u November 08, 2012
A verb meaning to convince a huge group of people to believe a huge lie.
Lil Wayne succesfully hitlered and entire nation into beleiving he's the best rapper alive.
by Socradeez. November 02, 2011
Hitler was an equal opportunities campaigner and is largely credited for the invention of so-called positive discrimination/affirmative action although he is thought by some to have taken political correctness way to far. Hitler’s political system was known PC (political correct) fascism or PC Nazism.
Hitler 's ideas are PC fascism gone mad.

You are a Politically Correct Nazi Fascist.
by Aranz February 25, 2009
A style of wearing pubic hair that resembles Adolf Hitler's mustache.
I was going to bang my girlfriend, but when I got her naked I saw that she had shaved her pubes into a hitler and I said there was no way.
by wonder-wingnut April 02, 2011
Being the ultimate hypocrite. Hitler wanted to create a race consisting only of blond hair and blue eyed people. He also wanted to totally eliminate all Jewish people. Hitler had brown hair and was part Jewish. Ultimate hypocrite.
"Pink is a stupid color."-Amy
"You're wearing ALL PINK! You're being a Hitler right now!"-Jane
by EHooker August 17, 2010